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New Cosplay Community Scandal?

I was shocked to see posts from various friends referring to a new cosplay community scandal.  Though the posts had been deleted or reported, it seems that this is a very big issue since it has become public awareness that this person is using his name and events to get away with it.

Who is this Mysterious Cosplayer?

Who is this mysterious cosplayer who is involved in the latest cosplay community scandal?  It is alarming that it seems the case involves kids, cosplay, and events.  This is something that should not be acceptable in the cosplay community.

Joel de los Santos, another veteran member of the community has this post.

"It is so ironic that they cosplay for kids because they are Justice League super HERO but in the end, they are predators of kids," says de los Santos.

Warning to all Members of the Cosplay Community

Things like this are rampant not only in the cosplay community but also everywhere.  It seems that "sex" is becoming a part of things on a daily basis.  We should be vigilant and aware of the schemes of people in order to take advantage of you.

Remember you have the right to refuse.  Do not be easily fooled by offers to become famous and offers of money.  In the end, if you accepted it, sadly, I would say the first one you have to blame is yourself because you had allowed it.

On the other side, we should all be aware of people in the cosplay community who are also actively baiting people to fall for traps.  There are already reports of some Facebook accounts who would actively engage in lewd conversations and lure the other person to fall prey to the activity.  Once photos or videos are shared this person will post it publicly and put shame on the victim.

I am just hoping that the community will be a place where we can all just enjoy cosplay and have fun.

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