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Classic Animes and Tokusatsus this 2019 in IBC 13

IBC 13 is planning to launch classic animes and Tokusatsus this 2019.  This channel together with RPN 9 way back the 80s were the first to cater to shows which children of that age really love.  It is a welcome move and a feeling of nostalgia for all anime and Tokusatsu fans.

Kat De Castro of IBC 13 confirms this move during the recently concluded IBC 13 Press Conference at MESAFilipinoo Moderne Restaurant in Tomas Morato, Manila. It is seen as part of improving the station and catering to the market.

The move is done as a remembrance to the millenial people on how IBC 13 made themselves as a number 1 TV station during the era of 70’s and 80’s. Well, I can still remember that for me there are only 2 stations back then which I really love and this one is truly the best.

“First and foremost next week, I have a meeting with the producer that brought in all those Japanese anime (and) cartoons so will bring it back to IBC.”  - Ms. De Castro, IBC 13 (Video below 30:40-32:50).

Are you excited?  Well, we are definitely looking forward to it.  By the way, what classic animes and Tokusatsus do you want to see?

Reference: O'Taco Bite

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