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COSPLAYER PROFILES: Mr. Yema.  He is a cosplayer who cosplay because he wants to have friends and finds it the easiest way to have fun. We can say that he improved a lot throughout the years from just a mere neophyte cosplayer and now as one of the nominees for Best Costume Maker/Crafter in the 2019 Otaku Choice Awards (OCA).

Mr. Yema and Cosplaying

Mr. Yema started cosplaying in 2012 but his first time was not a good experience.  After that first cosplay, he decided to quit because people tease him about it.

Thanks to Jayson Tabuzo because when he saw him on stage, it was an inspiration for Mr. Yema.

The moment I saw Jayson Tabuzo on stage, I realized that you can feel or be like the character you want to be.  He makes the character his own, and I want to be cool like him and the others I saw in school when I go to college.

Since then he cosplayed again and to this date, it was numerous to count.  Here is a quick list of Mr. Yema's cosplays:
  1. L Lawliet 
  2. Rathalos Armor Sentinel from Monster Hunter
  3. Altera Armor from Monster Hunter
  4. Anti Mage from DotA 2
  5. Tigrex the monster from Monster Hunter
  6. Valfalk the monster from Monster Hunter
  7. Valfalk Armor from Monster Hunter
  8. Dreadking Armor from Monster Hunter
  9. Anjanath Armor from Monster Hunter
  10. Kirito GGO ver. from Sword Art Online
  11. Platelet Chan from Cells At Work
  12. Rem from Re:Zero
  13. Yukumo Set from Monster Hunter

Future Plans in Cosplay

Cosplay is a rewarding experience for Mr. Yema.  His comeback was really remarkable, from disappointment to applause. 

His first major success was when he became a finalist for Pinoy Otaku Festival 2017.  He made his first costume and since that moment he wants to make a new one again and again.  POF became an inspiration for Mr. Yema.

His future cosplay plans include Saber Proto, Charlemagne (Saber) Shaider, Dreyfus from 7 Deadly Sins, Midoriya and Bakugo from Boku No Hero Adacemia, and perhaps a Gundam Suit.

Even all disappointment you do take or hear from others dontdon't like I what I did. IMPROVE and PROVE that you can be greater than what you have and when you are in that point don't get too high there's a lot to learn and if you do have to say to yourself you have everything that's the time that you will go down because it was a  never-ending  learning process to improve .

Mr. Yema wants to be an inspiration to everyone.  He is a living testament that quitting is not an option because you can be better.

Im a cosplayer also a crafter although you can see me almost in all competitions.  Like one of my mentor said go" entertain people and win is just a luck /extra."   So I make some funny skits, sometimes  even though I was really embarrassed I can see people smile and I know from that I made them happy that made me happy also and it touches my heart so much.

Connect with Mr. Yema

If you want to learn about crafting feel free to approach him or to inquire at his cosplay-MTO-Gaming Page, https://www.facebook.com/Mr-YemA-PH-cosplay-shop-and-gaming-page-1280124065466463/.

You can also add Mr. Yema on Facebook.



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