Forezine Fest 2015: The Biggest Cosplay Gathering in Bulacan for 2015

The Otaku Philippines (TOP), the new Otaku oriented organization of Bulacan State University Malolos together with Naruto Cosplayers Philippines and other organizations have join forces to bring to the community what might be the biggest cosplay and Otaku gathering in Bulacan this year, FOREZINE FEST 2015.


Anime: Attack on Titan Season 2 Preview Revealed!

The season 2 of one of the hit anime of 2013 Attack on Titan ("Shingeki no Kyojin") has been revealed. It's been showed after the credits for it's compilation film Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom.


Newest mobile game Bloodline hits beta this September

Brace yourselves everyone because this September Cherry Credits unveils its newest mobile game, Bloodline for beta test.  The game will be available on Google Play for Android device users in Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines.


Responsible Blogging, coverage and Deremoe

I was shocked to see the turn out of events after Jay Agonoy of Deremoe.com unfortunately made a huge mistake during the Meet and Greet of Eir Aoi.  Jay and I met during the premiere of Attack on Titan Live Action Part 2 and I never really know of the issue that time.  I noticed that he was sad and in a state of trauma something that I became very concerned of.

Attack on Titan Live Action Part 2 Movie Review and Revelations

Attack on Titan Live Action Part 2: End of the World will be showing on Philippine cinemas beginning September 23.  We get to watch the premiere at SM Megamall and honestly we were a bit surprised as to how the movie concluded.  It might receive another barrage of rants from our dear super followers of SNK anime and manga.

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