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Sep 22, 2016

Movies are an essential part of today’s society. One could get entertainment from it and at the same time escape reality while learning vocabulary and life lessons that an individual must always apply. While there are live-action movies, there are also animated movies. Believe it or not, animated movies are not just for children. They are for everyone and the process of making one is no joke. It is almost like shooting a live action film but with the added effort animation requires like the making of characters, the usage of computer graphics to make the sketches move, and audio equipment to incorporate the actors’ speaking voices to the characters.
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Sep 9, 2016

Who would dare cosplay as Jollibee?  Well there is one.  Our favorite space baby, Angel Taka of Uchusentai Noiz recently cosplayed as Jollibee and for us it is both entertaining and shocking in  a way.  We never imagined that he would have the guts to really cosplay as the fat bee.  Well you obviously know why we were really feeling that way.

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We would like to present our first ever COSPLAY COSTUME MAKES AND CRAFTERS feature for OtakuPlay and our first feature is Mark Industries.  Actually, he does not know that he will be featured here but upon seeing his Bumble Bee today, I am really amazed.  Why am I amazed of their creations?
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Sep 2, 2016

Cosplay and pop culture events seems to be a menu every month.  This September however, we would like to invite you to be part of COLLECTICON 2016.  This event is something that brings together cosplayers, toy collectors, KPop enthusiasts, photographers and more.  What would you attend Collecticon 2016 at SM Megatrade Hall on September 17-18?
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Aug 30, 2016

I read a comment by veteran cosplayer Fred Vinas about an article written by Anime Pilipinas, entitled, "EDITORIAL: BURNED OUT. COSPLAY IN THE PHILIPPINES LOSING ITS LUSTER?"  I have read the whole article and honestly found both valid and debatable points in this article.  As a blogger and writer, I find it necessary to write a reply to it.
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Photo credit to https://www.facebook.com/janicehungwushu

We enjoy seeing a lot of good cosplayers but when known celebrities like Janice Hung joins the cosplay scene we are awed of who she can be.  Janice Hung is a Wushu champion for the Philippines and also a singer and model.  This time we will show you 2 of our favorite cosplay from her.
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