Philippine Cosplay History and How it started in the country?

For the past years, Cosplay became famous in the Philippines. However, have you ever wondered how cosplay and anime convention started in the country?  Who is the first generation of Filipino cosplayers? 

First, let us provide brief information about its actual origin.


Anime: Prince of Stride: Alternative

A new sports Anime had started for the first month of 2016! Prince of Stride: Alternative features high school students and the new sport "stride," as they compete to be the best stride team to win the Eastern Japan's top stride competition, the "End of Summer." (EOS)


"Who Run The World? Girls!" The POTU All Girls Tournament for League of Legends

As singing sensation Beyoncé once asked “Who run the world?” in her hit song “Run the World,” a virtually absolute “GIRLS!!” is answered with such affirmation.

In this case, that's what over a hundred of some of the country's finest female fatales have proven over the past few months during the P.O.T.U. All Girls Tournament, in a series of tournaments last 2015 at Wargods Morayta.


HOT TOPIC: "The Current Generation of Cosplayers are NOT ACHIEVERS!"

"The problem today about the current generation of cosplayers is that they are not achievers!"  This statement was given by someone who is also active in the cosplay community and had been organizing events that we believe are helpful to the community.  For us it is shocking to read and know that he believed it that way.


List of 2016 Otaku and Cosplay Events Philippines

The Philippine Otaku, cosplay and convention scene is perhaps one of the biggest in Asia and the world.  Last year we have seen the most number of events in a year and even in a month.   Now let us present to you the LIST OF 2016 OTAKU AND COSPLAY EVENTS AND CONVENTIONS IN THE PHILIPPINES.

These list of events are gathered from around various sources and are arranged here according to month.

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