Sci-Fi Café: The Ultimate Haven for Cosplayers, Collectors and more

Sci-Fi Café at the 4th Level of Robinsons Galleria in Ortigas is a very unique place.  It is the first time that I had been to such a place where you seem to be inside an out of this world place and yet you will enjoy the ambiance of a great food establishment.

There were tons and tons of toys collections inside and outside of the café.  You can see authentic toys from Star Wars, Alien, Predator and various other Marvel and DC superheroes as well as some movies.  The ceiling is decorated with Star Wars space ships, a whole armada as I would put it.  At the counter you would see autographed photos of movie actors, there is one photo of Superman signed by the late Christopher Reeve himself.

Here are some of what you would see at Sci-Fi Cafe:

The food is very tasty.  They have an array of food to choose from and they come with a very unique name, fit for Sci-Fi Café as an alternative and cosy venue.  Prices are a little bit expensive but it is worth every penny due to the experience and taste.  You will enjoy your meal watching superhero movies.  When we were there Iron Man 3 and Thor 2 was showed on the screen.
Let us take a peep at the menu:

For those who want to experience cosplaying and even dine at Sci-Fi Café in cosplay well you can experience it here.  They have a collection of ready to wear cosplay costumes.  Some of the costumes include those from Harry Potter, Batman, Joker, Wonder Woman, The Flash and many more.  If you are into more fun, you can even try interchanging the cosplay props and come up with something unique.

You can also interact and play with some of the huggable toys there like the crazy bear Ted, or have a chat with Yoda or that guy from Monsters Inc.  You can even play father and son tandem too.  This is very funny indeed.

For those looking for a great experience, a fun time with the family or just want to try out something new, then do visit the Sci-Fi Café. For more information please visit the Sci-fi Cafe Facebook page.

For us we really have fun during our stay at the place and here is the rest of our photo together with some of the coolest people I have known.

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Win FREE INVITES to Hunter X Hunter Last Mission

The latest movie of Hunter X Hunter, "Hunter X Hunter: Last Mission" will premier at SM Mall of Asia on April 14 before it goes out to selected SM Cinemas after.  As our blogs commitment to bring you the best we will be giving away FREE INVITES TO THE PREMIERE.  Remember that this is an SM Cinema exclusive.

What is the plot of Hunter X Hunter: Last Mission?
The strongest Hunters that once existed in the Hunter Association were split into "light" and "dark", and each walked down their respective paths. The "dark" side begins moving in order to massacre all Hunters! After a brutal attack from the "dark" side Hunters, Killua is injured and Kurapika is almost dead. What is the real goal behind the attack on all the Hunters? Now that the crimes of Netero & the Association are announced publicly. Will Gon take the dark side's path to find the necessary strength to save his friends? What actions will Gon take when the many crimes of Netero and the Hunter Association are unveiled...!? 
Excited?  Well, this story is definitely before Netero died during the Chimera Ant arc and also might be an introduction into how the Hunter Association works which could lead some input on the real purpose of the new Chairman.

How to get the FREE INVITES?  It's actually simple.  IF YOU ARE A HUNTER X HUNTER COSPLAYER all you have to do is do the following:
  1. Like OtakuPlay = Anime + Cosplay Blog
  2. Share this blog post and tag the page
  3. PM the page and send us your photo in the costume with your fullname and mobile number.
WE ONLY HAVE 6 INVITES and we will be selecting the most passionate, most aggressive and exemplary hunter for this privilege.

So we await you dear hunters.

For those who are not cosplayers please visit Ranneveryday or The Products Blog for a FREE INVITE PROMO.

The antagonists (Dark Hunters)

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What is CausePlay? Cosplay to the next level?

Perhaps some of us might already be hearing the word "CausePlay," but what does it really mean?  Does it mean that people are playing about causes?  Does it mean that these are cosplayers wanted to show off or as one person said are rich kids in costume that wanted to feel that they are doing something good?

Well to understand this better, I first tried to search on Google for the word "Causeplay."  There are many meanings of Causeplay, one is about a company and states that, "CausePlay builds digital distribution and publishing platforms that deliver brand fueled analytics, content, promotions and advertising."  Another is about a digital gaming company who creates social games and partners with a charity whom they will donate part of the income from the game, "A revolution in social gaming has just arrived via a venture called CausePlay. CausePlay, LLC. a social gaming company, was founded on the idea that games can make a difference. "

Personally, I would rather define "CAUSEPLAY" as Cosplaying to the next level because it is cosplay for a cause.  It is not only about wearing your costume or organizing events for cosplayers but making a difference while doing those.  These includes joining charitable events, donating to charities, fund raising events, entertaining those in need and many more.

One of the first organization which I have seen do this in their activities is ToyCon.  They have this book drive in order to help a certain charity and I am very impressed by it.  When Naruto Cosplayers PH (NCPH) was organized in 2010, we came up with the idea of Cosplay for a Cause.  It is not an idea which the group has a sole right because helping other people should be owned and shared by all.

Later on, I think it is more proper to call it CAUSEPLAY rather than just Cosplay for a Cause.  Why?  It does rhyme with what many Filipinos are now passionate about and also with the growing community worldwide, I am sure that the virus of helping other people will spread through CausePlay.
So what can you do if you are a cosplayer, an anime fan, a gamer, an artist, etc?  Do you need to join an organization or something?

The answer is quite simple, you just need to do your share by helping out in the best way you can.  It can be done individually and you can support events which carries a charity with it regardless of what organization is organizing the event and regardless whether you like the organizers or not.

Helping other people does not involve personal grudge because it should be pure love and the passion to help.

The next time you have a chance to help JUST DO IT and be a Causeplayer.  I would also bring it up that you do not need to be a cosplayer to causeplay because even gamers can do it.  The thing is simple, you just have fun while helping and make it as a part of your life.

By the way there is a page called "Cosplay for a Cause" please do support it.  Another worthy cause is "Cosplay Against Bullying."  Also if you have time don't forget to visit Cosmic Con and Pinoy Otaku Festival 2014: FANTASM this May because they also have worthy cause plus if you see other organizations and events doing things like this PLEASE DO SUPPORT THEM.

Spread #Causeplay and do each of our share in making this world a better place each day.

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New Rurouni Kenshin Live Action Teaser Trailer with English Subtitles

I remember watching the first Ruroruni Kenshin Love Action and I was amazed and very thrilled with the movie despite some deviation from the anime.  This time we will be seeing two subsequent sequels of the live action movie one after the other.  Just recently a new Rurouni Kenshin LIve Action teaser trailer was released and now with English subtitles.'

According to Anime News Network:
The teaser features footage of Tatsuya Fujiwara as Makoto Shishio. The teaser proclaims, "His most insane [worst] enemy appears." 
The two new films will cover the Kyoto arc from Nobuhiro Watsuki's original historical action manga. Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Taika-hen (Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno) will open in Japan on August 1, and Rurouni Kenshin: Densetsu no Saigo-hen (Rurouni Kenshin: The Legend Ends) will open on September 13. Principal photography on the two films ended on December 27 after six months of filming.

Cast of the sequels will include the following:::
  • Takeru Satoh as Kenshin Himura
  • Emi Takei as Kaoru Kamiya
  • Munetaka Aoki as Sanosuke Sagara
  • Yuu Aoi as Megumi Takani
  • Yosuke Eguchi as Hajime Saitō
  • Additional cast members include:
  • Tao Tsuchiya as Misao Makimachi
  • Ryunosuke Kamiki as Sōjirō Seta
  • Yusuke Iseya as Aoshi Shinomori
  • Tanaka as Nenji Kashiwazaki/Okina
  • Kazufumi Miyazawa as Toshimichi Ōkubo
  • Yukiyoshi Ozawa as Hirobumi Itō
  • Kaito Ōyagi as Yahiko Myōjin
  • Maryjun Takahashi as Yumi Komagata
My favorite character is now showing in this films so I will definitely watch it.  Who is he?  Well guess who this picture is then...

To complete the thrill, here is the cast of the Juppongatana (Ten Swords), a group of elite swordsmen led by Shishio (played by Tatsuya Fujiwara), include:
  • Ryōsuke Miura as Chō Sawagejō
  • Kenichi Takitō as Hōji Sadojima
  • Tomomi Maruyama as Anji Yūkyūzan
  • Matsu Murata as Usui Uonuma
  • Hiroko Yashiki as Kamatari Honjō
  • Yuuya Hara as Henya Kariwa
  • Takao Yamada as Iwanbō
  • Kentarō Shimazu as Saizuchi
  • Kōta Yamaguchi as Fuji
For more details on the film and the update, please visit Anime News Network.

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Nominate your choice for OTAKU CHOICE AWARDS 2014

Do you want to give recognition to your favorite anime, anime character, band or cosplayer?  Then, this is the chance for you to honor them by nominating them for the OTAKU CHOUICE AWARDS 2014.

Otaku Choice Awards is an annual awards given to those who had been recognized by the local cosplay, anime, manga and Otaku community in the Philippines by virtue of their popularity and perceived contribution.  This year’s award ceremony will be held on May 24, 2014 during Pinoy Otaku Festival 2014:  FANTASM at Starland Themepark at Starmall Alabang.

You can fill out the nomination form at www.oca.narutocosplayers.com.  Nomination is  21, 2014 so better nominate your choices now.  

After the nomination period, five top choices will be selected for the VOTING STAGE which will be from April 1 to May 12, 2014.  Then, the top choice for each category will be given Otaku Choice Award 2014.

Nominees will also be presented during Cosmic Con 2014 at Festival Mall Alabang.

Remember to nominate at www.oca.narutocosplayers.com.  Here are the list of winners for Otaku Choice wards 2013:

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