Game Review: Just Roll It!

Get rich and live a life of a millionaire! All you need to do is Just Roll It! Just Roll It is another online craze brought to you by GameClub and now hits the Philippines by storm. Build your real-estate empire by travelling the world or also by travelling outer space. So how can you play this online board game? Otakuplay PH will be giving you are review anything about Just Roll It!


Attack on Titan Live Action Movie Review

Where is Levi?  Why is it that Attack on Titan Live Action does not follow the story in the anime?  This is definitely disappointing right?  However, we dare to differ and we dare to tell you an honest review of Attack on Titan Live Action.


Scammers and Scamming destroying Cosplay Community

How would you feel if you put all your hard effort in making a costume and then all of a sudden you will find out that the money that was paid to you were fake, worst they are paper play money that is not even cut the proper way?


Where to get Anime episodes online in the Philippines?

Are you always searching for Anime titles and Anime episodes online?  Are you often regarded as part of contributing to piracy of your favorite Anime?  Well if those are some of your problems then that problem can now be solved.  Introducing IFLIX and if you haven't heard about them then read on.


Attack on Titan Live Action invades Philippine cinemas

Pioneer Films confirms the showing of Shingeki No Kyojin (Attack on Titan) Live Action in the Philippines beginning August 12.  It has been years that there is a rumor about a live action movie and now it is a reality.  The film which translates into realistic characters and uses visual graphics to bring into the big screen one of the most followed, watched and read manga-anime-graphic novel of modern times.

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