Rurouni Kenshin (Samurai X): Kyoto Inferno Movie Review: Action packed cliffhanger

I finally got a chance to watch the Rurouni Kenshin" Kyoto Inferno after a struggle to really see the movie and continue my review of the film.  My first review of Rurouni Kenshin was December 2012 and rated the film 96.25% on my other blog, "The Delano Observer."  Thanks to Animax Philippines for inviting Naruto Cosplayers PH (NCPH) to be one of the media partners for the block screening.  As for the movie, this time I believe the second installment of the targeted trilogy was way better and more action packed.

Shishio's character was really brilliant, captivating and shocking.  You can see how cunning he is and how he want more than just revenge.  The actor, Tatsuya Fujiwara who played Makoto Shishio was perfect for the character.  Added to the perfection was Ryunosuke Kamiki's rendition of the character Seta Sōjiro.  The brilliant performance of these two main antagonists is what made the movie an eye freezing experience from start to finish.

Makoto Shishio

Seia Sojiro live action and anime

Ryunosuke Kamiki as Seta Sojiro

Sanosuke Sagara portrayed by Munetaka Aoki, added the much needed humor to the otherwise very serious and action-centered film.  His wits, love for action and "stupidity" will surely make you laugh while watching the film.  Of course let us not forget Yōsuke Eguchi who portrays Saitō Hajime.  Saito for me is an anti-hero in the Rurouni Kenshin series since though he is fighting alongside Kenshin, he also wants deep in his heart to put Battousai behind bars and deliver justice.

The story centered around how Kenshin Himura was drawn back into fight because of his eagerness and empathy to stop the terror being spread by Shishio throughout Kyoto.  The cries, the destruction and the horror being done was just too much for Kenshin.  Inspire of Kaoru's request for him not to be involed, he  disobeyed her and enter into the war.

Kenshin was caught off guard as his most beloved sword was cut into half in his battle with Sojiro and he had to find a replacement for his sword only to find out that it's father is already dead.  Desparation will engulf our hero as he tries to save a child, Japan and the person he cared for the most, Kaoru.

Added to the already very rich story and plot is the hunger of Auoshi Shinomoru to seek revenge from Kenshin to what had happened to his team during the fall of the Shogunate.  He is unwilling to change his course and clouded by this revenge that he had done the worst thing in front of the person who idolized him the most, Misao.

Yōsuke Eguchi as Saitō Hajime
 Yūsuke Iseya as Shinomori Aoshi
Ryosuke Miura as Sawagejō Chō

I might already said some spoilers but the spoilers above will definitely bring you to seek more about Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno.  Let me tell you that this movie will freeze your sight on the screen from start to finish and will smile in the end seeing the person who took Kenshin from where he fell.

I would give Rurouni Kensin Kyoto Inferno a rating of 9/10.  Not that I have questions about it but there are still somethings that could have been done better.  I hope the Ten Swordsman will be more involved in the next movie, Rurouni Kenshin: The Legend Ends.  Plus, correct me if I am wrong, there is a giant among the ten swordsman right?  Then, what about the Gattling Gun?  Was the first movie depiction of what happened in the anime wrong thus is being corrected this time?

What are you waiting for?  Watch Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno now, it is still showing in cinemas.

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Cosplay invades Pampanga once again

The long wait is over as Cosplay returns to SM City Pampanga.  It had been months since cosplay events had been held in Pampanga and now on August 23, 2014 at the SM City Pampanga Cyberzone, cosplay is back - COSPLAY INVASION!

The event is entitled "Cosplay Invasion" and will be a regular cosplay competition.  Cosplayers are invited to participate and meet new friends and ramp their character.

The competition will award P2,500 in cash plus certificate to the winner of each of the 4 categories:
  • Best Male
  • Best Female
  • Best Mecha/Armor
  • Best Anime 
For more information and update please visit the Cosplay Invasion Facebook page.

See you in SM Pampanga on August 23 at 4:00 PM.

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FEATURED FILM: Shin Ohkubo Monogatari

Shin Ohkubo Monogatari which means Shin Ohkubo Story is the debut film of MYNAME in Japan.  The film is produced by United Entertainment Inc. and premiered November 16, 2013.  The story focuses on the tribulations a singing group undergoes before becoming real stars.

In this film, MYNAME uses their real name.  The story is set in the Korean town of Shin Ohkubo in Japan which had been the sight of some racial discrimination recently.  Just last April anti-Korean protesters carried derogatory remarks such as “Go back to Korea!” and labeling Koreans in Japan “cockroaches.”  Despite of this, there are more Japanese that do not mind about Koreans living among them and in fact supported them.

Here is a brief synopsis of Shin Ohkubo Monogatari from Asian Wiki:
Set in the Korean Town area of Shin-Okubo, Tokyo. ChaeJin wants to work in the entertainment field, but he currently works as a tour guide. InSoo also works as a as guide, but isn't content with his job either. InSoo doesn't know exactly what he wants to do. Meanwhile, Gunwoo and JunQ are members of an upstart Korean band named "NOBODYS," but their group fails to make their debut in South Korea. To find a way out, they travel to Japan. SeYong is a talented performer and member of "NOBODYS". He also travels to Japan to get his back treated. 
Utako works for an entertainment company. She knows of Gunwoo and JunQ through a friend and hopes to have them debut as a K-Pop group from Shin-Okubo. She proposes her idea to her company president, but the president doesn't seem very fond of her proposal. By chance, Kotoko meets InSoo, ChaeJin, Gunwoo, JunQ and SeYong. She sees that the boys have some potential and agrees to allow them make their debut in Japan if they join together as a group. Problems though arise as InSoo's yakuza father forbids him from doing so and SeYong is told to focus on receiving treatment for his backache. Yet, Utako is busy making plans for the group's debut. She names the group "MYNAME".

I will definitely be watching this one since it is something worth knowing.  Though the film is more about the trials a singing group faces, the lessons here can be well applied to most of life's situation.  So I hope you do watch Shin Ohkubo Monogatari as well.

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I am sure you are wondering why we are featuring MYNAME in this blog but the thing is this group is I guess one of the very few which also renders Japanese rendition of their songs and even create solely Japanese songs.

MYNAME (Korean: 마이네임; Japanese: マイネーム) is a boy band from South Korea under H@ Media.  The members includes GunWoo, InSoo, SeYong, JunQ, and ChaeJin and was created by Hwanhee, a Fly to the Sky member.  Their first single was "Message" released in 2011.

This band is reputable for their very creative and in some way tragic videos specially "Hello and Goodbye" and "Baby I'm Sorry."  The music video of MYNAME is something which will definitely be a plus for fans.  

The exciting thing as well is the fact that whenever MYNAME renders a Japanese version of their song they also attune it to the culture and the style.  Here are some videos for you to watch and in the end tell us what you think.

MESSAGE (Japanese ver.)

HELLO AND GOODBYE 9Japanese ver.)

SHIRAYUKI (No Korean version)

Now who would not love someone that can do this?  They are totally awesome.  Check out MYNAME's performance at Osaka for "Baby I'm Sorry (Japanese ver)."

So what can you say about MYNAME?

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Cosplay Life: Bashing , Rants and Bullying

Did cosplay headed the way it should be?  Was it better today than before?  Was mainstreaming a plus?  Today we see tons and tons of cosplay events week after week with cosplayers abounding conventions and even flooding Facebbok.  Indeed cosplay is now mainstream.

Just recently, I have read tons and tons of rants regarding cosplayers.  Rants about how the cosplayer look, or how he had a body odor or how he used to cosplay without even giving consideration for other priorities in life.  The rant wa so vulgar that by just reading it you would ask yourself the motive of why such a person would have this so much hate and rant for these people?  Was he or she offended?  Did that person experience something and this is a method of getting back?

Facebook had been more than just a social network.  Most of the time Facebook is also the shock absorver of individuals.  For some it is a diary of sorts, much like a blog in the olden days.  Some would post their heartaches, their frustrations and their hatred in Facebook and broadcast it to the world.  At some point I am also part of this bunch of people where Facebook had been an outlet of sorts but for me, it is more to share my life, in the hopes that other will learn from it.

Is it important in cosplay that you are perfect for a character?  Would it matter what your background is?  Would it matter if you are rich or poor or if you pay for a photographer or not?

Whatever we do in our cosplay life is our own responsibility and we should be ready for the consequences.  If we cosplay Sailormoon and we are fat then naturally there would be reactions.  If we underdo a character or overdo it then naturally there would be reactions.  The secret here is choose the right character and do the right mix to avoid any extreme reactions.  People like to react for it gains attention and people likes attention.

If you engage in an online battle specially in Facebook be ready to fight a personal battle.  The discussion never stops with the issue for when your detractors can no longer argue with you logically then they would be personal.  They would accuse you of everything even bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki or causing the great flood of Noah.

People will always judge you.  People will always talk about you behind your back.  Commonly these are people who in someway are envious of what you have or in the extreme end, you have done something bad to them.  Best way to fight it, is to ignore them for you are not living your life for them, however, if you have done something wrong then reconcile and make amends.

In cosplay nowadays everyone wants to get noticed.  Everyone wants to have the best costume.  There are those which will use their assets in anyway they can just to have what they like.  Some cosplay for fame and the attention that it gives them.

As a cosplayer my advice are:

  1. Do not give too much focus on people which do not like you.
  2. If you answer an issue, answer it once and stick to the issue.  
  3. Never argue if you have already explained, most of the time this would be futile and useless.
  4. Do not fuel bashers, ranters and bullies because if you do then you are an accessory to the evil they are doing.
  5. There is a good and bad rant.  Once in a while we need to let the steam out, however, do not dwell on it so much.
  6. If you know the person who bashes, rants or bully you then talk to them personally.
  7. If they would not stop then seek appropriate legal means to stop them.
  8. Spread love and peace
That's all I have to say.  The more you hate, the more the fire will burn and the more it will affect you.  Love and peace everyone!  And remember...

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