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Biggest Local Cosplay Event Happens in Valenzuela City

In an unexpected twist the biggest cosplay event in the Philippines in terms of prizes will be happening next week, October 27-28, 2017 at Valenzuela City - COSPLAY AT THE PARK.  I know that APCC is so far the biggest in prize pool but when it comes to locally organized events this one is the biggest - Php215,000 in cash to be given away.

Valenzuela City's Halloween Cosplay at the Park

Valenzuela City Halloween Cosplay at the Park will be the first ever cosplay event at the People's Park in Valenzuela City.  It is one of the best parks so far in the Metro. Imagine the whooping Php215,000 prize pool for winners.

Although this is a Halloween Cosplay the organizer prohibits scary and horror costumes.  To join you have to register and there are 4 categories: Kids (5-12 years old), Teens (13-17) years old and Adult which is divided into Cloth and Mecha Divisions.

Kids (5-12) and Teens (13-17) Division:
October 27, 2017
10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Conference Room, People’s Park Admin Bldg.

Adults (Cloth and Mecha/Armor) Division:
October 28, 2017
10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Conference Room, People’s Park Admin Bldg.

Walk-ins with incomplete requirements will not be entertained.

Just download the registration form through this link (Click here).

Prizes for Valenzuela City Cosplay at the Park

Here are the prizes for the cosplay competition:

Valenzuela Cosplay at the Park Mechanics

In order to be prepared for the cosplay competition we highly recommend that you read the mechanics and rules below:
  1. Competitors must specify the category they want to compete in. For the Adults Division, costumes consisting of 30% armor will fall under Cloth Category while those exceeding 30% will fall under Mecha/Armor. Hand held weapons are not counted as armor.
  2. Right after registration, competitors will be ushered to a holding area in order to prepare (put on costumes) for the pre-judging phase. The organizers will post the list of official competitors (finalists) at 5:00 PM. Contest proper starts at 7:00 PM. Only one assistant may accompany a competitor at the holding area.
  3. A competitor will be given a one (1) minute presentation during the contest proper. Note that this is a general patronage event, costumes must not be too revealing. Fan service is allowed, but acts bordering on the obscene will result to disqualification. Only one assistant is allowed onstage but he/she will not be counted as a competitor.
  4. The following materials are prohibited either as props or as costume accessories: Sharp or pointed metallic objects, flammable or hazardous substances, exploding devices and projectile emitting weapons.
  5. Employees from the People’s Park Events Division are not allowed to join.

For more information, follow VCPP via Facebook, @VCPEOPLESPARK

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