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Kimitsu No Yaiba JAV (CSCT-002)

Kimitsu No Yaiba JAV (CSCT-002) became one of the trending topics in Facebook among Otaku and Anime fans.  This brings to the discussion, whether as an anime fan is it acceptable to really support porn and hentai based on the animes that we love so much?

Kimitsu No Yaiba JAV (CSCT-002)

The moment that a photo of a weird live action scene from someone which says he downloaded the wrong video emerged on Facebook, it has become viral.  I noticed that most of my feed whenever there is a post like this that people always ask for the link.

In fact, a friend of mine said that this is indeed a trend in Japan that whenever something gets popular there will always be a parody of that show.  I can still recall Dragonmoon where Sailormoon characters and Dragonball Z characters are paired up for a very Rater-X scene and battle.

Is this really acceptable and what are your views about JAVs in relation to our favorite anime?

What is your Reaction to  Kimitsu No Yaiba JAV (CSCT-002)?

When you saw the post, what is your immediate reaction?  Did you ask for the link or are you tempted to ask for the link?  Have you watched it, what do you think about it?

Personally for me, it is indeed surprising how commercialism can really bank on popular animes and then the human desire to see something at this level.  I do not know if other famous and popular animes have a JAV as well.  In fact this is the first time which I have heard of such a trend.

Comments are welcome.


David Shen D'Angelo


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