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Anime on Animax this November 2017

It will be a spine-chilling Anime on Animax this November!  Since November is all about supernatural expect animes of this genre.  Ai Enma returns once again to drag your foes to hell in Hell Girl Fourth Twilight.  If you want some classroom action then watch Classroom of the Elite, where mediocre students are weeded out and only the elite survive!

Hell Girl Fourth Twilight

There is a website that is only accessible exactly at midnight. If you post a grudge there, the Hell Girl, Ai Enma, will appear and drag your hated foe into Hell. Although this sounds like nothing more than an urban myth, it turns out to be true. One day, the mysterious Michiru appears in front of Ai Enma. However, Michiru does not remember who she is or why she is here. Her secret past will soon be revealed…

Hell Girl Fourth Twilight premieres 3 November, every Wednesday to Friday at 10pm, first and exclusively on Animax.

Classroom of the Elite

At the prestigious Kodo Ikusei Senior High School, almost 100% of the cohort goes on to enter university or find employment. Students here are given the freedom to do almost whatever they want, including talking or sleeping in class, but the truth is that only elite students receive the most favourable treatment. New student Kiyotaka Ayanokoji is placed in D-class, where the “inferior” and problematic students are relegated to. Along with his classmates, they’ll have to work to bring up the rank of the class or face possible expulsion!

Classroom of the Elite premieres 20 November, every Monday and Tuesday at 8pm, first and exclusively on Animax.

Animax is available on SKYCable Channel 46, Cignal Channel 73, Dream Satellite TV Channel 07, Destiny Digital Channel 46 and G Sat Channel 24.

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