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Free Entrance Cosplay - ASEANPex Cosplay Competition

PHILPost is hosting the ASEANPex Cosplay Competition at the SMX COnvention Center, SM Mall of Asia, Pasay on November 5, 2017. The competition is sponsored by SM Investments and Filmetrics Corporation. Entrance is absolutely free so there will be mo "Team Labas" during the event because all cosplayers and con goers are welcome. The competition also offers greater chances for competitors since there will be 8 winners.

 ASEANPex Cosplay Categories

All types of character are welcome since there are categorization in the competition.   Cosplayers with more than 60-percent armor or rubber material cannot qualify for the Anime category and cosplayers with more than 75-percent armor or rubber material cannot qualify for other categories and shall only qualify for the Armor/Mecha category. However, all cosplayers can sign up for Armor/Mecha, no matter how much armor or rubber material its costume has.

Other categories include:

  •  Anime or characters from any Japanese animated TV series or movies.
  • Game or characters from games like, but not limited to, computer, mobile or card games.
  • Pinoy Hero which includes real-life heroes or fictional superheroes.
  • Comics/Movies consisting of characters that are shown in comics and movies including anime and manga live action.
  • Child are for all cosplayers 11 years old and below.

Prizes for ASEANPex Cosplay Competition

There will be 8 winners for the cosplay competition.  The Overall Champion will receive Php10,000 SM Gift Certificate while the Best Performance will receive Php4,000 SM Gift Certificate.  Other prizes are as follows:

  •  Best Anime - Php2,000 SM GC
  • Best Mecha/Armor - Php2,000 SM GC
  • Best Game - Php2,000 SM GC
  • Best Pinoy Hero - Php2,000 SM GC
  • Best Comics/Movies - Php2,000 SM GC
  • Best Child - Php2,000 SM GC 

How to join ASEANPex Cosplay Competition

To qualify, interested participants must purchase Php100 worth of stamps from the Philippine booth at the exhibition hall on November 4 or 5, 2017.  Registration will be from 19am to 1pm and cosplayers must provide a picture of their cosplay with their name and character information printed on a short bond paper.

Criteria for judging will include  Costume Accuracy, 25 percent; Performance on Stage, 35 percent; Characterization, 30 percent; and Audience Impact 10, percent.

For more information about the ASEANPex Cosplay Competition please visit the Official Facebook event page.

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