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Cosplay Competitions Which Could Be Better

We had been to two recent cosplay events, one of an already very big convention and another one of a new event which is just starting.  Toycon PH 2017 and Gamecon.ph may had been two different events but nevertheless their cosplay event and competition could have been a lot better.

ToyconPH 2017 Cosplay Competition

We already created an article about Toycon 2017 and part of our wish list is to create a better Toycon Cosplay Competition next year.  It was said that the event is now comparable to big events across Asia and in fact it is the largest in Asia thus its prestige should at least be at that.

We had no problems with the rules, the judging and the selection of winners.  What we just suggest are the following:

  • Music and BGM improvement.  Please allow submission of background music via USB or flash drive.  In order to protect the PC from viruses you can always install an updated anti-virus program.  An mp3 file pre-arranged and tested will surely lessen possible technical difficulties on stage.  It is still commendable that they allow participants to upload the music in Youtube and they took the time to download them.
  • Allow full utilization of facilities.  During cosplay competitions most cosplayers would want to showcase their character in full.  It is a request that they be allowed to use in full equipment available including video walls, and the stage area when needed.
  • Cosplay competition Prizes.  The prizes for a competition in an event as big as Toycon should at least live up to expectations of everyone.  The organizers have to see to it that the winners will be given something they do deserve.
Overall, this cosplay competition is well officiated, judges are selected well since they know what they are doing and the overall program flow is smooth.

Gamecon,ph Cosplay Competition

We read this Facebook status from someone who joined the Gamecon.ph "Family Cosplay" competition last July 9, 2017.  Going back and the rules and observing what happened, you will just wonder if the organizers became confused with their own rules.

It is clearly stated in their rules that the duo or group should be composed of family members and then the winner seems to be just friends.  What happened and why did the decision became as such?

We have no information if the winners are really relatives since we have yet to hear from the organizers if indeed they are.  If they are not relatives then the question is HOW COME THEY WON?

There is another issue that was raised as well by one of the contestant of the SOLO COSPLAY COMPETITION held on July 8.
  • The competition has only 2 judges.
  • There was an alleged that scores were not tabulated but was only scanned by the organizers.
  • When asked to re tabulate and verify the scores the organizers refuse to do this and even show the score sheet.
We can just wonder what happened and also understand that these people have legitimate concerns about the cosplay event.

In Summary

It is not easy to organize a cosplay competition.  Assuring that the flow of the competition from registration to awarding of winners is the key in ensuring that you performed your job as an organizer.  Remember that these cosplayers are part of your events customers hence they should be assisted all the time, given the best experience and are given proper consideration.

For cosplayers, let us also give a greater understanding to organizers.  Remember that the cosplay competition is only one part of the event and if there are flaws let us also approach them with care and consideration.  Suggest ways to improve the event, point your concern to the organizer and find some positive resolution.

It is my view that these cosplay competition could be better and we are looking forward to future cosplay competition in these events.

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  1. From GameCon themselves, they answered an inquiry about the true relationship of the winning cosplay "family" and their reply was, it was agreed to by the judges that "so long as majority of the members of the group are relatives then that would be accepted." This contradicts their Mechanics. Furthermore, no announcement was made before or even during the contest that a change has been instituted.

    1. I believe that rules should be followed in any competition because if not it would be unfair to those who have joined.

  2. The issue problem today in our culture is that we are not assertive enough to fight for what is right. I guess that has been handed down to us through generations. We are still a nation of subservient people.

    We do not question wrong practices, we do not stand up and be heard. So naturally we are taken advantage of. I doubt if there are a lot of cosplayers out there that would have any idea what the legal remedies would be should they want to question how certain competitions are handled. Do they know where or who to run to? Do they now that there is an existing Philippine Consumer Protection Act that punishes business entities for False or Misleading Advertisements?

    There is a need to educate the community. If we remain acquiesced to whatever events organizers feed to us, then the vicious cycle will not stop.

    1. The problem is that if we question or cosplayers question that they would even be the one that is blamed and given the ire. We have tried that before in our blog and the blame was placed on us. Even if we can sue or bring this to the proper authorities most cosplayers don't have the capacity to pay the fees. What we need perhaps is a united body wherein organizers and organizations will come together and be united.


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