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CardCon Ph is the first event of its kind

Have you ever went to a convention where the focus is solely card games?  Not yet right?  CardCon PH is the first ever event of its kind and therefore it is an event that you should not miss.  The event will be at SM Megatrade Hall 3 on July 22, 2017.  It is the first ever hobby convention focusing on different trading card games in where there will be trading card game tournaments, trading card game demo booths, entertainment, cosplay competition, raffle draws, mini games and hobby merchants.

Why attend CardCon PH?

  • It has big rewards for Magic The Gathering with over 400 packs to be given away to top 24 finishers plus top 8 wins BYES to the 2017 gold rush.

  • Cosplay competition focused on Card Games with over Php18,000 worth of prizes to be given away.  So if you have a cosplay character from any of the games listed below then this is your chance.  

  • Chance to meet fellow card game enthusiasts.
  • Trade cards with other people.
  • Make history by attending as one of the event pioneers.

Join the CardCon PH Cosplay Competition

Besides the large prize for the Card Category in the cosplay there is also an open category which offers Php1,000 in cash for winners. There are 3 categories - male, female and chibi.  For those who want to join you can register through this link - https://goo.gl/Fzej6A.

See you at CardCon PH on July 22.  Please also VISIT THE OFFICIAL CARDCON PH EVENT PAGE.

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