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Are Filipinos destroying the true meaning of Hokage?

We commonly read and hear people uttering the word "HOKAGE".  You will wonder if they are fans of Naruto or are they referring to someone from that anime.  Unfortunately though, the meaning of HOKAGE these time commonly refers to someone who is crazy enough or bold enough to do a bold move and most of the time perverted things to someone else.  What is the real meaning of Hokage? What is #TunayNaHokage?

The meaning of Hokage or #TunayNaHokage

The meaning of this word had been commonly understood as - "a perverted man who tries everything to get a woman. He makes “chancing” (ninja moves) on the woman."  In the Philippines at least that is what some often use this word.

In reality, this word often used in Naruto series. Hokage is highest and strongest ninja in Konoha village. This word consists of 2 modules: "Ho" which means "fire", and "kage" means "shadow".  According to the manga and series written and made by Masashi Kishimoto, a hokage is the highest ninja in the hidden village of the leaf (Konoha). they are suppose to protect the village from danger. The latest Hokage is Uzumaki Naruto.

Hokage supposed to mean something positive - a leader, a strong person, someone which you can emulate as an example.  However, the current slang use of this word is something that is quire the opposite of it.

#TunayNaHokage vs Fake Hokage

So when you refer to someone that is a pervert and making malicious moves, it is quite wrong to use the words, "hokage" and "ninja moves" since it is an insult and a wrong connotation of the words.  If you are a real fan of Naruto and even someone who respects Japanese culture this should not be supported nor allowed to exist.

The truth however is that once a slang word is embedded culturally, it will be hard to remove it.  Thus, it is sad to note that even if there will be a campaign to expose the true meaning of Hokage or #TunayNaHokage, it might end up in futility.

What do you think?  Should people stop using the words "hokage" and "ninja moves" to refer to a pervert man and a pervert move?  Share your view in the comment section below.

By the way this article and post is inspired by this tweet from Comic Alley.  I am not aware of why "PASTOR" is in this tweet though.  Anyone care to educate us?

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  1. We Filipinos should stop butchering the other languages with perverted meanings.. masama pong pakinggan na umuso dahil ginawang bastos ang meaning

    1. That is the sad thing about those who misuse the word Hokage and ninja moves. It is indeed very sad since the true meaning is good after all.

  2. I believe that was true since filipino especially normies(not otaku, normal people) usual used that that makes the otaku disgust since they didn't know the meaning they just only use it for such purposes just for fame and just to sound awesome, another one is "Senpai" they called there crush as Senpai but the real meaning of Senpai is Upperclassmen. So i think that normies are too dumb, and stupid to use words just hearing from the anime.

    1. Thanks for your comment. it is really sad that things like this gets out of hand. I hope that people who knew the real meaning of Hokage will refrain from using it in this manner.

  3. they are two kanji letters, what hokage means
    火 (ho) - fire then 影(kage) - shadow
    then if we literate this kanji letters it shows the right meaning called fire shadow

    other filipino normies / weebs or otome use the word hokage for recreational use it dishonored the meaning of it 🤔 but since this really disgraceful to the filipino otakus or even japanese otakus.

    1. ps: I use Google Translate to translate this sentence on the picture above comment section.

      Watashi wa bokushide wa arimasenga, hontō no hokagedesu.

  4. Why the hell weabs get offended by this? The term "Hokage" became popular because Naruto itself was popular back in 2000's in the Philippines. Everybody knows that the word originally meant to refer to Konoha's leader. Seems that these weabs who get upset were still too young to remember those days when Naruto was insanely popular, back when 'otakus' were unheard off, unlike today where weirdos gatekeep their precious anime from normal people.

  5. Kung Sino nagpasimuno nyan tangina sya.

  6. Dirty brown worthless poor short ugly big nosed Filipinos

  7. Hokage is just Philpino slang for fast? Idk what y’all are getting at and this shit is just stupid. It can be used as like fast with women or just in general. It’s like saying simp. Stop freaking out over nothing.

  8. it doesn't necessarily meant perverted.. from the word "Ninja" which has something to do with being fast & stealthy.. Ninja moves means to execute unnoticed in general. But became popularly associated with taking advantage of women in a discreet way hence "Ninja moves" the there's "Hokage" where it means master ninja or great one.


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