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ToyCon 2017 + Pop Life FanXperience Pros and Wish List

Even before I became a cosplayer and events organizer, I had been attending Toycon.  My very first event with them would probably way back 2006.  When I became a cosplayer, this was one of the events that I always made sure I would attend.  ToyCon 2017 + Pop Life FanXperience is one of the biggest Toycon yet, but as things became bigger there are its pros and wish lists.  I hope that this blog would be seen as a way to help improve the next years of my favorite convention.

The Pros of ToyCon 2017 + Pop Life FanXperience

Toycon PH became bigger.  It was now able to accommodate more visitors and in fact is dubbed as the biggest gathering of its kind in Asia.  What are the positive things I have seen in this years event:

  • Great cosplay area.  I am referring to the area where there are super-sized background photos in which cosplayers and regular peeps could take photos.  These area is really a way to have great instragramable post and for cosplayers to have their dream shots.

  • Cool celebrities.  The celebrities this year are way cooler and I would say they really are top in the industry.  They might not be at the top most or the most popular ones but they sure are among the most favorite of the pop culture aficionados.
Celebrity Panel Discussion
  • Bigger venue.  Toycon PH achieved a bigger venue which allows more people to be accommodated.  They were able to do away with the super packed venue when they were back at SM Megatrade Hall.
  • Greater experience for attendees.  The variation in the things that you will see when attending Toycon had increase ten fold.  There are interactive games, life size statues, more sellers in bigger space and the chance to meet their favorite celebrities.
  • Accommodating and dedicated staff.  I would like to personally applaud all the staff of the event for being really professional.  Special mention to the one in charge of handling the cosplay competition, despite not having a CD, we were given a way to submit via YouTube download.  This goes on to show that they indeed care about everyone in the event.  
  • World Cosplay Summit (WCS).  The finals of WCS was superb and the participants were all very good.  This shows that the event's partner Anime Alliance (AA) is really commendable in what they do.  My personal kudos to Anime Alliance for a job well done.
Winners of WCS 2017 Philippine Finals

Before we go to my wish list, here is a video blog of my experience at Toycon 2017 and my personal reactions during the event.  I also made some commentary on some cosplayers and that epic Star Lord cosplayer.

ToyCon 2017 + Pop Life FanXperience Wish List

What are the things that I would say needs to be improved in the upcoming Toycon.  I am not saying that the organizers lack in some way but these are things that I wish should be added or noticed.

  • Bigger space for sellers/exhibitors.  There are still tons of space that seem to be over reserved for some key sponsors.  I hope that the space for the sellers and booths will be extended to allow easier movement.  Moving had really been hard specially when there are lots of people checking out for price buster toys.
  • Schedule of events.  I know that there is already a posted schedule of events but for mini-events I think these were missed.  For example there is a FREE SCREENING at one of the meeting rooms but due to absence of schedule it was almost empty most of the time.  People like to roam around and knowing what to expect is a great thing for everyone.  Also, SCHEDULE OF MEET AND GREET and other talks would also be beneficial if there is none yet.
  • Better Toycon Cosplay Competition.  The World Cosplay Summit (WCS) Finals is already superb for me but I think there is no harm in also making the Toycon Cosplay Competition better like what it was before.  I recommend that winners be given at least some sort of gift certificate, cash or cash equivalent for their effort in really making the best cosplay for the event.  Let us remember that most of the cosplayers who compete really look forward to this event and prepare for it.  Here are some of my favorite cosplayers during the competition, can you guess their characters?

This one if my top favorite character during the cosplay competition.  He just brought the house down.
  • More interactive setup.  I like the life size toys and everything but I am looking forward to a more interactive setup where attendees can experience something new.  A setup where they can participate, for example when I first saw the zombie setup I though that there was a zombie make-shift experience there.  I was later disappointed to know that the area turned out to be just for photo shoot purposes.
Here is another great video about the event from our friend at Ranneveryday:

Toycon will always be my favorite event every year and I am already looking forward to ToyCon 2018 + Pop Life FanXperience.

If you attended the event and wish to add your wishlist for Toycon 2018 do add them in the comment and we'll make sure the organizers will read it.  Again thanks for supporting this blog.

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