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Why should you attend Animax Carnival 2016?

Tons of conventions already this year and most of them are quite expensive as well.  Now, why would you attend another one like Animax Carnival 2016?  Perhaps one of the top reasons is the fact that among all the conventions and events this year there is not a single one of them that is even close to what will happen on October 15 and 16 at SMX Convention Center.  Wan't to know why?  Read on...

Animax Carnival 2016 Ticket Prizes

Ticket prizes starts at Php299 and that is not a one-day ticket but a ticket for two days already.  Plus. you can easily upgrade these tickets to get more experience of the events.  Check out the ticket categories below, well unfortunately the OO-Kun's Golden Ticket is no longer available.
  • ₱ 299 (Ticket C)  -   Access to Exhibition Hall only
  • ₱ 499 (Ticket B(  -   All-access w/ chance for autograph signing with artist
  • ₱ 799 (Ticket A)  - All-access w/ chance for autograph signing with artist + concert
  • ₱ 1,200 (OO-Kun's Golden Ticket*)  - VIP seats; All-access w/ chance for autograph signing with artist + concert 

Amazing right?  Plus we have heard that some fellow media partners are giving away tickets.  Ranneveryday.com for example is giving out 2 complimentary tickets worth Php499.  If you are interested you can check the link here.

Tons of Otaku Activities like never before

We had never seen an event with tons and tons of activities for you.  Well, here are just some of them:

  • Experience the richness of Japanese culture as Animax let's you play traditional carnival games.  Flashback to the time of Edo Japan and learn how to wear yukata (a light cotton kimono) with obi sash before attending the tea ceremony. Try out the samurai armor worn by noble warriors from as far back as 4th century Japan.
  • Head over to the Anime Pavillion and test your knowledge in anime as you experience booth activities from your favorite Animax titles.
  • OO-kun has something install for you and his friends are at it too.  Take part in the Karaoke Booth or test your drawing skills.
  • Take part in workshops just prepared for you.  There would be workshops on toy photography, cosplay, and many more!

Animax Carnival Cosplay Competition

Unlike previous years cosplay competition this time you can be all creative and compete with a festival-themed cosplay creation of your own.  Simply create and wear your own cosplay design based on modern-infused, Edo period Japan.

Of course you can also join the usual cosplay competition.  If you plan to join the competition be sure to cosplay any character from the following shows:  K: Return of Kings, Laughing Under the Clouds, D. Gray-man HALLOW. CROSS ANGE Rondo of Angel and Dragon, Fafner Exodus,Durarara x2, GRIMGAR ASHES AND ILLUSIONS, My Hero Academia, and One Punch Man/

For more information on the cosplay competition please visit this link.

Animax Carnival 2016 Japanese Guest artists

Get a load of 4 Japanese artists which will perform in an impressive concert.  Four of the hottest anisong artists from Japan will be there to perform live for the first time in the country. Listen to their rendition of theme songs from the most well-loved anime series on Animax and get the chance to meet and greet them. 

Who are they?  Well just check out the posters below and be ready to be mesmerized by ELISA, 
yanaginagi, Ami Wajima, and May’n.

Anime and OO-kun merchandise

Catch and buy tons of anime merchandise during the event.  You can also get a load f the best deals and discounts with the largest display of anime, cosplay, and OO-Kun merchandise all in one place! And meet the adorable OO-Kun in person!

If this is not an event that is worth going to then what is?  Join us at Animax Carnival 2016 on October 15-16 at SMX Convention Center.  For more details visit the ACPH16 microsite at www.animax-asia.com/acph16/  Use the official hashtag too #ACPH16.

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