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One Piece Live Concert with Hiroshi Kitadani

One of the highlights of AsiaPop Comicon (APCC) Manila 2016 is the concert of acclaimed Japanese singer Hiroshi Kitadani.  He is the singer behind One Piece songs, We Are and We Go.  In fact he is also part of those behind "Hero" the theme of One Punch Man.  If you missed the concert then we are giving you a rare look at his performance last APCC Manila.
Hiroshi Kitadani's career started in 1994 as part of a trio group called Stagger.  Their first album was released by Warner Music Japan, and later own he released his first self-titled album.  It was not long after that when he became globally recognized through his popular song "We Are" which was used as an opening for One Piece.

One Piece We Are Live by Hiroshi Kitadani

Watch his performance of One Piece We Are during AsiaPop Comicon (APCC) Manila 2016.

One Piece which had been an ongoing anime until now is one of the most popular anime of all times.  In fact, We Are is one of the most popular opening songs of the anime.

One Piece We Go Live by Hiroshi Kitadani

In 2011, nearly 8 years after he joined JAM Project in 2003, he was once again commissioned to do another opening song for One Piece.  We Go, had been another popular song since it is used for the new beginning of Luffy and his crews adventure into the New World.

Now let us bring to you another live performance of Hiroshi Kitadani at AsiaPop Comicon (APCC) Manila 2016 - One Piece We Go.

JAM Project

Hiroshi Kitadani smiles for the camera
during his meet and greet session
JAM Project stands for "Japan Animationsong Makers".  This group is part of an anime music (or anison) supergroup based in Japan.  The group was originally founed in 2000 by  Ichirou Mizuki, a famous 1970s theme song artist.

Today, the members of JAM Project includes:  Hironobu Kageyama, Masaaki Endoh, Hiroshi Kitadanim Masami Okuim Yoshiki Fukuyama and Ricardo Cruz.

For those who are wondering why he did not perform Hero from One Punch man better read THIS ARTICLE.

Thanks to Reverie Wonderland for the video.

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