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Let's meet Pockets Fulla Pillz

What in the world is Pockets Fulla Pillz?  I confused this name for someone who is into medicine, therapy or into food supplements.  Interestingly these guys are not ant of those because they are into comics, one that you would love to read in one sitting.  Let's get to know more about them in this article.

During Collecticon 2016, we had a rare chance to have an exclusive interview with the founder of Pocketz Fulla Pillz together with his creation The Suit/The Machine and it was a very interesting conversation.  There we found out why you guys should definitely read their comics specially that it involves a very timely topic in our country.

Here is our exclusive video interview with Pockets Fulla Pillz.

I don't have a copy of the comics yet, so yes... shame on me but I will definitely buy one.  Well, luckily for us we can catch them at the following events before the year ends:

  • October 15-16 at Komiket, UPF Peace Embassy, 32 Samar Ave., South Triangle Homes, Quezon City.
  • November 19-20 at Komikon 2016, Bayanihan Center, Unilab Center, Pasig City.
This is not an ordinary comics and well I am thinking that it is also a serious topic.  The theme of the comics and the drawings are somewhat for those 18 and above unless I am wrong.  Unlike other comics though, this is not just a fantasy story for the story here connects to what really is happening in the real world.

For more updates and information about Pockets Fulla Pillz please follow them on Facebook and on YouTube.

Hmmm... scrolling down their page makes me hope that they would also bring their cool clothing line here in the Philippines.  I wanna wear those and promote drug rehabilitation and awareness.  Hope they do.

Awesome clothing line by Pockets Fulla Pillz

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