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Red Mask's Pinay wife clarifies statement about Pinoy fans

Georgette Inaba, Pinay wife of Red Mask from Mask Man clarifies a misleading statement that he supposedly made about Pinoy fans over PH events.  In a conversation close to an hour, she told us that the title of an article published in a blog was misleading.  The article title reads, "Red Mask’s Pinay Wife Disappointed with Pinoy Fans Over PH Events Scene" to which Ms. Inaba says is not the case.

She admits being disappointed but not over Pinoy fans but over loosing the opportunity for fans to meet their favorite Tokusatsu actors and artists.  Although the content of the said article in some way tells her true sentiment, the title grabs the attention particularly in social media.

Rooting out the frustration and what she means

In this post she said, "It is better that they go to other countries rather than the Philippines... rathen than conventions in the Philippines.  Honestly, I approached some local conventions already but they told me they will not profit from it.  Sad right?"

Her frustration was in fact made years ago when some organizers literally told her that the Toku personalities she was bringing were "laos" or were no longer popular.  Since they are no longer popular they will no longer be able to make money out of them.

Although I admit that generating sales is part of every event to compensate for event expenses like venue, accommodation, setup costs and others, there could have been a better way to convey the message.  Besides, I believe that although the fan base is not as big as before there are still tons of people out there who would love to meet their idols up close and personal.

"I deleted my post because I realized that some people will misinterpret it.  I am just disappointed that we are not able to grab the opportunity to bring home the Toku spirit to the Philippines simply because of the notion that they will not generate money," she said.

An article with the right content but with a misleading title

As to the article, reading it will make you realize that it is a positive article if not for the title.  I understand that in the online writing world "click baits" are the usual practice, however, it should be used with caution.  Some tend to just read the title and no longer go through with article leaving them with a wrong impression.

We know that this article had good intentions but sadly not everyone tends to read the content and judges an article by its title.

Future of Toku events in the Philippines

Bassed on how she told me about he enthusiasm to bring the Toku spirit to the Philippines, I would say we might be seeing them very soon.  As a fan myself, it would be a great opportunity to interact with them in an event which focuses on interaction and getting to know the guests better.  Perhaps a conference room somewhere would suit an intimate introduction of such an event.

Mrs. Inaba also mentioned to me that she is looking towards an event that also give something back to the community.  It is perhaps an event with a charitable purpose, which is highly laudable as well.

What do you think dear readers?  Would you attend an intimate Tokusatsu centered event?  Well, I would, what about you?

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