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ALJON UBALDE or AJ Villacorte as he is commonly known in Facebook is one of the new cosplayers in the community.  He started cosplaying in 2012 mainly because he loves anime.  He also wants to portray and express the characters not to impress others but to inspire them to try cosplay.

Aljon is an avid fan of Alodia Gosiengfiao which is part of the reason why he cosplay.  Does he want to be as famous as his idol, well I do not know but who doesn't want to be recognized right?

Since cosplaying he remembers some of his best experience including that moment when he met his idol Alodia.  He enjoys cosplaying with his friends and he wants to mingle and express his passion for cosplaying with them.  Besides meeting Alodia one of his memorable moment was the first time he ever won a cosplay competition.

Characters Cosplayed

Some of the characters AJ cosplayed are as follows:
  • Ragnarok hunter
  • Gaara
  • Random Flyff
  • Ragnarok Ninja
  • Lee syaoran
  • Grandchase Luxus
  • Allan blade of vengance,
  • Naruto
  • Ahri LOL gender bend
  • Neko
  • Hwoarang Tekken
  • Konoha MCA
  • Killua HXH
  • Uchia Itachi
  • Nai Karneval
  • Boruto
  • Kirito ALO (SAO)
"I'm a simple cosplayer who wants to inspire others," says AJ.

What is your message to fellow cosplayers?

Just enjoy cosplay no matter what they say..
Always rember that you cosplay because you love that character and not to impress  others.. 
Cosplay is for everybody...
It was a fun hobby where you find true friendship, hardwork , dicipline and respect to the community.

Future plans

Beside cosplaying Aljon also plans to explore photography which is I think the usual routes for cosplayers.  Of course he also wants to be an international cosplayer and visit other countries while doing that.

Cosplaying will not end when he becomes a father for he will pass on the cosplay hobby to his children as well.

If you happen to bump with AJ do not be shy because he is a very kind and sociable person.  Say hello and be friends with him.

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