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Haponesang Dilat Returns with Hero Music Video

HAPONESANG DILAT, one of the pioneers when it comes to the JPop/JRock band genre in the Philippines, is officially back. Their newest music video entitled "HERO" is a captivating song which sends a very positive message and was shot in various locations.

Haponesang Dilat "HERO" Official Music Video

The band, which is now in the Philippines and Germany and is aiming to create music to inspire the people around the world, is indeed starting on the right foot.  Let us watch and listen to their song, Hero.

Music and Video Copyrighted by Haponesang Dilat
Music Produced by : Kokochoo Beats
Video Produced by : Kokochoo Beats

The Story of Haponesang Dilat

Haponesang Dilat's first award came during Ozine Fest 2008, and it was followed by another one in the 2008 Hataw Hanep Hero Amped Edition Hero Tunes.  The band is one of the most iconic bands in the Otaku scene during the early 2000s.  They were probably one of the best as well.

Let us take you a little way back to their first ever gig in 2007, during Hataw Hanep Hero 4.

For more information on Haponesang Dilat please follow them on Facbeook or connect with Kokochoo Beats.

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