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Cosplayers Share Their Stories on Wowowin

Wowowin's episode aired on June 28 features various cosplayers sharing their personal stories and passion for cosplay.  Known cosplayers like Sergio Sta. Ana and Ross Diong, were just some of those that were highlighter during the episode.

Cosplayers are Humans Too

Despite the smile and passion they show to people when they are in cosplay, these cosplayers are human too.

Sergio Sta. Ana for one is a dedicated brother.  Through cosplaying, crafting, and other works he was successful in helping his brother graduate from college.

Another cosplayer, Ross Diong, who is also a dancer shares her stories as a cosplayer and how her parents are very supportive.  She is one of the cosplayers who really shows passion and you can say that she ensures that her cosplay is very accurate.

There there is another featured participant of the episode, Rosmar, who has been earning bashes online for saying that "she had been cosplaying for 13 years," or was it, "her first costume was 13 years ago"?  Anyway, here is her story.

What do you think of this episode of Wowowin on cosplayers?  Share us your comments.

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