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Bashing of Cosplayer in Wowowin

I stumbled upon a post in Facebook regarding bashing of a cosplayer who appeared in Wowowin.  I got intrigue and immediately searched for such an episode and I did find one.  In the video I saw two familiar faces, Ross Diong and Sergio Sta. Ana, both are my close friends but who is the other one?  She cosplayed Spiderman and goes by the name Rosmar.  She said she had been cosplaying for 13 years.

Bashing of Wowowin Cosplayer

I will be honest, I had never seen Rosmar myself in cosplay conventions, events, or competitions.  Being active in the community will definitely make me capable of seeing her but it seems she is not that active.

Indeed, fellow cosplayers would ask, "Why did she say that?"  Or they would lament that they had never seen her in events.  Those are indeed valid points, but should the cosplayer be bashed?

Why Bash Rosmar?

Why should fellow members of the cosplay community bash someone like Rosmar?  I do not think we have the right to bash her, but I would agree that everyone should be entitled to their own opinion.

I had my share of TV guestings and behind the scenes there are certain scripts and arrangements being made that will not be seen on camera.  Stories like this had been known way before she was even on cam.  It can be part of the interview and they could have been instructed to share some emotional and captivating stories to engage both the studio audience and those watching on their TV screens.

There are arguments that people are reacting because what she said is a lie and I do not condone that.  She should have told everyone the truth, of her background and everything, but then again she could end up the same. Right?  Not everyone will be happy or satisfied.

Anyway what did she say, was it, her first cosplay was 13 years ago, or was it, she was cosplaying for 13 years?  Those are two different things and most of us are prone to misinterpret things.

I would like to share a status from a friend, AJ Villacorte, to which I fully agree.

It is for this reason that sometimes I no longer want to go to events or even cosplay.  The toxicity level of the community seems to be increasing, although, I refuse to admit it.  We should be happy that today cosplaying is no longer seen as a weird thing but as a hobby.  Way before in the early 2000s cosplayers are seen as weird people.  You can not even cosplay wherever you want.

My Advice as a Cosplayer

Let us all learn to be happy for other people.  Let us learn to accept that not everyone can get the same exposure, fame, and other perks as other cosplayers.

If there is one big reason for you to start cosplaying it should not be because you want to be famous.  Cosplaying is a hobby and an art.  It is something that you should love and put your heart into it.

Thanks for reading and please share.

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