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Sepak Takraw, New Pinoy Anime

Sinag Animation Studios bring to life one of the most renowned sports in the Philippines, Sepak Takraw.  We have high hopes that this anime, Sepak Takraw - The Animation will be supported by fellow Filipinos and will also be shown in primetime television, the same way as they supported Barangay 143.

What is Sepak Takraw?

Sepak Takraw or kick volleyball is a sport native to Southeast Asia, resembling volleyball, except that it uses a rattan ball and only allows players to use their feet and head to touch the ball. A cross between football and volleyball, it is a popular sport in Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Laos, the Philippines, and Indonesia.  Sepak takraw was almost definitely based on the Chinese game of cuju (a name which also means "kick ball").

The sport would have been brought in through early trade and had already become popular in Malaysia and Thailand by the early 1400s. Back then it was called takraw in Thai or sepak raga (literally "kick rattan ball", because the ball is made of rattan) in Malay and played mainly by men and boys standing in a circle, kicking the ball back and forth between them.

This game is also a fundamental feature of public school sports from the city sports fest to the national competition known as Palarong Pambansa.

Sepak Takraw - The Animation

Sinag Animation releases its first teaser video of Sepak Takraw - The Animation featuring Eyo or Timoteo.  It is interesting to note that something like this is being done and unlike the previous anime which features Filipinos, this one has a true Filipino as the main character.

Although the drawing is more anime-ish I would like to congratulate Sinag Animation for coming up with this one and hope that many people will support it.

What do you think of Sepak Takraw - The Animation?

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