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COSPLAYER PROFILES: Euka. Most of the time ordinary people become cosplayers because they love seeing cosplayers and they are inspired.  This is the story behind how Euka became a cosplayer.

I love seeing people wonder about us when they see cosplayers in a public place. Like, when we are wandering around malls while we are looking for something to eat like "LOL we have seen a Disney princess wandering in a mall and orders a happy meal" and I find it hilarious that people think about that. We are noticed by people who are sometimes left puzzled about what we are doing and it's really funny when they mistaken you for someone from a different anime. 

Euka and Cosplaying

Euka started cosplaying around January in 2012, in a small convention in Taytay, Rizal. She debuted as Akiyama Mio of K-On! together with her high school friends.
I feel different, I feel like I stand out because I do unusual things normal people didn't do occasionally. Wearing wigs, make ups, lenses, fancy clothes and rubber made armors that brings out creativity in how I express myself. And explore new things about myself if I can bring out my best in the character that I have chosen to portray.

For Euka, cosplaying doesn't only bring a lot of memories and lessons to her because it also brings impact to other people as well. The smiles and hugs they give warm her heart.  She always do her best so that people will feel that their favorite fictional character is alive that they can interact with.

What makes me continue to cosplay is that when I tell others who I will portray soon, they support me, knowing that I have gained friends again out of nowhere. They are looking forward to that day that they'll see a cosplayer of their "waifu" or "husbando" and it really gives me joy that when that day comes, I know that I will do my best to meet their expectations and give justice to their favorites.

Characters Cosplayed

Among the characters that she already cosplayed are:

  • Akiyama Mio from K-On!
  • Naruko (Genderbend Uzumaki Naruto) from Naruto
  • Ushiromiya Beatrice from When the Seagulls Cry
  • Aerith Gainsborough from Final Fantasy VII
  • Suigintou from Rozen Maiden
  • Daidouji Tomoyo from Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card Arc
  • Yaoyorozu Momo from My Hero Academia
  • Sun Jing from Tamen de Gushi
  • Different versions of Bakugo Katsuki from My Hero Academia
  • Bakugo Mitsuki from My Hero Academia
  • Kobayashi Rindou from Foodwars
When asked about her best experience in cosplay, here is what she told us:

It was during APCC when we had a My Hero Academia gathering together with the international cosplayer Leon Chiro. I did a simple cosplay only but the impact that that event brought to us was so beyond PLUS ULTRA than we expected. Leon Chiro is so welcoming that he doesn't even bother to bond with us My Hero Academia cosplayers. It was really fun day and full of excitement and love for Leon Chiro that gave us the feeling that All Might is really with us.

Future Plans in Cosplay for Euka

Her love for anime makes her want to cosplay more and continue to inspire people.

I grew up watching anime after school together with my brother. We always go home immediately after school so we can catch up our favorite anime shows. And from those things that I watch day by day, there came a time that I really want to be part of an anime show where I can be friends with those characters I admire. As far as I remember, I just decided that I want what that anime character is wearing so I asked my mom that I want to wear that in an occasion. Until one day, I just realized. I'm now a cosplayer. Hahaha! From those simple dresses I really wish to wear someday, I'm now living my dream to be with those anime characters through those people who also believe that their fantasies will one day, come to reality and that is by cosplaying.
So what does Euka think of her future in cosplaying?

I plan to join cosplay contests soon, traveling to different places here in Philippines and other countries wearing a costume with my first friend in cosplay community and experience anime conventions abroad and make a page for those people who will support me in my cosplay journey 

Euka's Message to Fellow Cosplayers

Character: Elesis Sieghart (Dark Executor version) 
Game: Grandchase Dimensional Chaser 

Special thanks to: 
πŸ‘• PC quality shop

We are touched by what Euka wants to tell everyone and it is because it gives us the happiness that, indeed, the cosplay community is still a community to love and nurture friendship.

I know there's been a lot going on within the cosplay community but please let us ask ourselves this before we get involve in anything:  "Will this help me grow as a cosplayer?"  If not, then don't invest your time in it. Let them handle their own problems. Be mature enough to understand that there are a lot of people nowadays that seeks attention through social media. If that's their way to express themselves, then so be it. Let them be. 
If you want to improve as a cosplayer, then invest your time on yourself. No one will help you unless you help yourself first. We cosplayers meet those times that we think we aren't enough, that no one appreciates us so we have to up our game and think of things that we should add or improve on how we do cosplay. Those issues does not define each and every individual in cosplay community. If we only prove to those people that we are not what they think we are, then they'll tell themselves that they're wrong. Cosplay community is an awesome, creative, full of inspiring people that only want to prove themselves that they are not only for fashion and showing flashy costumes but we are meant to inspire people to go beyond what can we imagine. We make our dreams come true by wearing our emotions and passion in each intricate details our costume have.
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