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Featured Otaku Media: Sutil Si Isco

This is the first time that we are starting FEATURED OTAKU MEDIA.  For our first feature let us introduce you to SUTIL SI ISCO.  I get to know this Otaku Photographer just because of a series of photos which we also published in this blog, "A Touching Cosplay Story of a Grandmother."

Who is Sutil Si Isco?

Sutil Si Isco is an individual photographer who he says is an avid fan of cosplay.  He always does cosplay in every event at his office and even created his own costume.  When it comes to shoots however, he started in 2014 and became their office's official photographer.

He then studied video editing and started to edit videos on his own and the rest was history.  He now enjoys client calls and even photo shoots with celebrities like Kim Domingo and Maria Ozawa.

Sutil Si Isco is also one of the official photographers of San Juan City.  Honing his skills was important, thus he even studied done piloting which opens the door for wedding, debut and prenup shoots as well.

Why Become an Otaku Photographer

Sutil Si Isco in Cosplay

Photography is my passion. I also like cosplay, so it naturally comes with me.

What is remarkable about this photographer is the fact that he is not into the hobby just for money.  He even told us that he accepts clients even if the budget is tight.

Sutil Si Isco, tells us that one time he met this cosplayer at SM Megamall, Casey and he was inspired.

"She appreciates what I do.  That is why I really want to thank her and show my appreciation."

For more information and for your video and photography needs you can contact Sutil Si Isco via his Facebook link.

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