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Mr. Satan Voice Actor dead at 68

Ishizuka Unshi, the Japanese voice actor of the well-loved and famous Dragonball character Mr. Satan is dead.  He died August 13 of esophageal cancer.

"I had been sickening more because of esophageal cancer, but I had a good deal on August 13, Heisei 30, without medicinal effect". - Ishizuka

Besides being the voice actor behind Mr. Satan he is also known for his role as Dr. Orchid of "Pocket Monster" series, Jet Black of "Cowboy Bebop", etc. He was also active as a dubbed and narrator of many works. In the works currently being broadcasted, he appeared in the role of Kane Ibrahim Hasan of "Heavenly Pandora", and the role of Dino F. Golzyne of "BANANA FISH".

 This is indeed a very sad news.  He lived a good life though so all the respect and salute to him.

Source:  Natalie.mu

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