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Join the Otaku Lip Sync Battle

It is already common to see an Anime Karaoke or singing contest in most conventions in the Philippines and during Otaku Musika Festival 2018 there will be something new.  In a very rare occasion, there will be an OTAKU LIP SYNC BATTLE where contestants can dress up in cosplay, act out and perform a song from their favorite anime or Japanese idol group.

 Otaku Lip Sync Battle

Otaku Lip Sync Battle will happen during Day 2 of Otaku Musika Festival on September 23, 2018 at the Tiendesitas Food Village in Pasig City.  Anime and Japanese music enthusiasts are invited to join and be part of the competition.  Experience and join something new.

There will be 2 winners for the competition:

  • Champion – Php3,000 in cash
  • 1st Runner-Up – Php1,000 in cash

You don’t really have to sing
You don’t really have to dance
You just have to be energetic and have the desire to have fun

Rules of Otaku Lip Sync Battle

Here are some of the rules for the Otaku Lip Sync Battle at Otaku Musika Festival 2018:
  1. You can choose a song which is JPop, Jrock, from any anime or anime live action, cartoons, or from any Marvel or DC movies.
  2. The song of choice can be in English or Japanese only.
  3. Some of the best songs for lip syncing are upbeat tunes that allow for plenty of facial expressions and exaggerated movements. Generally speaking, lip-synced songs should be happy with fast beats, although some slow songs also lend themselves well to being acted out.
  4. Costumes and props are strongly encouraged.
  5. Be creative with your props, costumes, and choreography, etc. Remember that you are being scored on creativity and appearances, as well as your ability to lip sync.
  6. Groups of all sizes are welcome - performers must be age 18 or older.
  7. Each group will assign a designated contact person with whom all communication will take place.
  8. Maximum time limit for your performance is 5 minutes. 
  9. If stage sets or other significant props are used, contestants are allowed 1 minute for set up and 1 minutes for tear down..
  10. All songs and performances must be in good taste. Please keep performances PG-13: no excessive vulgar language or inappropriate exposure.
  11. Each performance must include the use of at least one microphone (‘lead singer’).
  12. You are responsible for all of your own props. This includes instruments, additional microphones, etc. Two prop microphones will be available for use if needed.
  13. You or your group must supply a high-quality electronic file of your music selection. 

Otaku Lip Sync Battle Criteria

If you want to win or at least know what to do you first have to train your Lip Sync Ability which is  45% of the score.  This is the ability to mouth the words of a song in perfect synchronization with the recording, thereby creating the illusion that the person or group is actually performing the song on stage in concert!  Precise synchronization between the sound and performer is critical. When a word or a note is being sustained for a long period of time, the performer must exhibit the same amount of tension or energy which it takes to actually sing the song.  Any spoken works also should be recognized. Use of microphone.

Next would be your Appearance & Stage Presence (40%).  It includes the use of costumes and props - and how well the costumes, hairstyle, and accessories match the look or actions of the original artist being recreated. Use of facial expressions, gestures, and choreography which simulates the likeness of the original performer(s). Overall Creativity

Lastly, you should impress the crowd and audience (15%).  This is your ability to engage the crowd and generate audience response. Don’t just stand there…..dance, smile, make eye contact, have fun…..WOW your fans!

To REGISTER for the Otaku Lip Sync Battle CLICK HERE.

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