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Victor Magtanggol Cosplay Event Episode 23

"Victor Magtanggol: Pananalasa ng mga halimaw sa cosplay event | Episode 23" which translates to "Victor Magtanggool: The Rampage of Monsters at a Cosplay Event." So, there was this episode which features a cosplay event and cosplayers, when all of a sudden monsters appear and like guards in a cosplay event they disturb the event.  What's my take on this?  Read on...

Episode 23 of Victor Magtanggol: Monsters in Cosplay Event

The video above if we watch it creates a notion that it is a cosplay event where the monsters attack but do events like this really exist?

Victor Magtanggols Cosplay Event vs Reality

We can assume that this can indeed be a real cosplay event.  A skate park can be a legit venue of a cosplay event if it is a photoshoot but not an actual big event like those you see in SMX, Megamall or other venues where you will see booths, sound system and more.

Perhaps, the cosplay event here refers to a rather small event where cosplayers gather, meet each other, connect, have fun and do photo shoots.  The problem with this concept, however, is that THERE ARE NO PHOTOGRAPHERS on sight.

FYI, I have nothing against the cosplayers who joined the episode.  In fact, I have friends who are in this episode.  If ever there are certain things to be said in this episode, it is not their fault.

Cosplay Episode of Victor Magtanggol Review

Again, some people would say that I am a critic and I am downplaying our own Pinoy creations.  To them this is what I have to say - I AM NOT.  I love Filipino movies but at the same time I love originality and I would love to see them become better. So here is my take on this:

  • The acting was really bad.  I do not know if it is just me but this is a terrible scene altogether.
  • The monsters or creatures are really very stiff and unbelievable. If that fire monster of the sort would just create havoc why does he need to pose like a cosplayer?  I really don't get it.
  • If you are a reporter would you really be that brave in covering an event like this?  I think you should seek safety and cover first rather than do your reporting in front of all those monsters. Unbelievable again.
  • The cosplay event is also not very convincing.  What kind of event is this?  Have you done proper research?  Well, perhaps they are avoiding copyright.
I am glad that I have not joined the event as a cosplayer because perhaps I would really be shy to even promote this episode.  It is great that television shows showcase cosplay but I think it is about time that they do it right.

What do you think?

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