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FEATURED JAPANESE BAND: Esprit D'Air Releases New Single, ‘Calling You’

LONDON, UK (May 11, 2018)—London-based J-rockers Esprit D'Air has just released their new single, ‘Calling You’ worldwide.

Calling You’ is an emotional rock ballad produced by vocalist and guitarist, Kai, who follows a commendable DIY ethos by composing, recording, mixing and mastering the music himself, whilst working with AWAL (Artists Without A Label) for digital distribution.

Get to Know Esprit D'Air

“J-rock rife with pyrotechnical guitars licks and contagious melodies that grab listeners viscerally, refusing to let go […] And the electronic elements mixed with spurts of prog rock add a unique flavor tumescent with emotion.” – HuffPost

Esprit D'Air is not seeking a major record label but instead, follow a strong DIY ethos. Recognised for their independent efforts, Esprit D'Air was this year’s metal/hardcore album winners at The 16th Annual Independent Music Awards in New York, judged by an esteemed industry panel featuring Amy Lee (Evanescence), Slayer, and Sepultura.

Esprit D'Air is also excited to announce their European headline tour starting this September following their successful 7-day UK tour earlier this year. The J-rockers are making their return to Barcelona, London, and Paris, as well as visiting the Netherlands for the very first time. Pendragon’s drummer, Jan-Vincent Velazco will be joining them on tour once again.

Esprit D'Air 2018 European Tour

Tickets for the Barcelona and London shows are now on sale to the general public. For more information, visit www.espritdair.com.

  • Sep 08: Barcelona La Nau, Spain
  • Sep 12: London Boston Music Room, UK
  • Sep 13: Paris TBA, France
  • Sep 15: The Hague AVO J-Music Festival, Netherlands

“Hard rock with flavors of electronics—it’s like Heaven’s Basement sucked into an arcade machine. They have a truly unique sound, a unique spirit and they sound absolutely enormous. Hell yes!” – Alex Baker (Kerrang! Radio)

Listen to their song and tell us what you think about Esprit D'Air.

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