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MalCon Voice and Cosplay Superstars

Malolos Toys and Hobbies Convention (MalCon) is happening on May 26-27, 2018 at Malolos Convention Center in Malolos, Bulacan.  This will be one of the very few events of its kind and magnitude in Bulacan and in Central Luzon.  Besides all the toys and exhibits, Naruto Cosplayers PH (NCPH) hosts the MalCon Voice and Cosplay Superstars where aspiring singers and cosplayers shines on stage to show their hobby and skills.

MalCon Voice Superstar

Unlike a regular Karaoke competition, this one allows not only Japanese songs but also themes from your favorite superhero movies, theme songs from cartoons or US animations and Tagalized or English versions of Japanese/anime songs.

It is the first time that this is being done in order to widen the participants of the competition to more fans of pop culture.  The MalCon Voice Superstars will happen on May 26, 2017.

MalCon Cosplay Superstars

MalCon Cosplay Superstars will form part of the eliminations for Cosplay Idol Season 4 Finals which will be held during Pinoy Otaku Festival (POF) 2019: Ai.  The competition will have 6 winners:
  • Cosplay Superstar – Php4,000 in cash
  • Anime Cosplay – Php2,000 in cash
  • Toy Cosplay – Php2,000 in cash
  • Mecha/Armor (composed of 60% armor/rubber sheet) – Php2,000 in cash
  • Game/Movie/Comics Cosplay – Php2,000 in cash
  • Junior Cosplayer (12 years and below) – P2,000 in cash

MalCon Voice and Cosplay Superstars Mechanics and Registration

For those who want to register for the event, you can visit THIS LINK or register at http://bit.ly/malconsuperstars.  Online registration will be accepted until May 23, 2018.

There will also be onsite registration during the event on May 26 and 27.  For more information about Malolos Toys and Hobbies Convention (MalCon) 2018, you can visit their website at www.malcon.ph or their Facebook Page.

Watch the video below to also know more about MalCon 2018.

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