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FurryPinas 2018 Cosplay Contest

FurryPinas 2018 happening on May 19-20, 2018 will be having the 1st ever Furry Cosplay Contest in the Philippines.  The cosplay contest invites everyone who wants to dress up or cosplay in a fursuit, mecha, animals/Zoids, brand mascots, Kemonomimi, animal superheroes, comics, cartoons, anime, online and video game characters - as long as they're an animal.

First ever Furry Cosplay Contest

This is the first time than a local convention will be focusing on a specialty themed cosplay competition.  FurryPinas 2018 focuses on anthropomorphic animals or personified animals used in various pop culture representation.

Some of the specific characters than you can cosplay include gods from Dragonball Super who are animals like Beerus and Champa, the tailed beasts of Naruto, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, characters from Zootopia, Khajit from Elder Scrolls, and more.

Each contestant will be allowed two minutes to perform.  The winners of the competition can get as much as Php5,000 in cash as prizes.

Liui and Dinny as Guest Judges

Liui Aquino and Dinny Grayson, both known for their cosplay characters from Zootopia will be the guest judges for The Great Furry Cosplay Competition.  Both of these cosplayers had done great achievements in cosplaying and they are also known not only locally but internationally.

Liui Aquino was first internationally recognized when he cosplayed Hiccup from "How to Train Your Dragon."  He is currently ranked 138 in worldcosplay.net and had consistently been invited here and abroad.

Dinny Grayson has been popular for her good renditions of various characters which include Rogue Pikachu Gijinka and Articuno Gijinka that she designed herself, Karolina Dean from the Runaways, Cidney from Final Fantasy XV, and Different versions of Harley Quinn.

Remember to REGISTER FOR THE EVENT and GET TICKETS so that you can join the FurryPinas 2018 cosplay contest.  Visit this link to register http://furrypinas.com/registration/.

For more updates and for questions you can also follow their FACEBOOK PAGE at https://facebook.com/FurryPinas.

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