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Why should you attend ComicCon Asia?

Despite the cancellation by Stan Lee and Agent Carter, there are still tons of reasons to attend ComicCon Asia this weekend, March 24-25.  The event which will be held at SMX Convention Center is an event which is for the first time organized by Filipinos and an attempt to bring something of our own to the world.  Why should you attend ComicCon Asia?  Well here are some reasons...

ComicCon Asia Guests

We know that some of the big guns like Stan Lee and Hayley Atwell may no longer be attending due to their own personal issues.  But they are not the only guests at the event.

Dacre Montgomery - the star of Stranger Things and Power Rangers is coming over.  This guy plays as Steve in Stranger Things and is definitely one of the most likable characters in the series.  Well, the thing is he is more popular than Agent Carter, just saying without prejudice.

Toni Masdiono - He is an Indonesian comic veteran and will be here to share his tips, tricks, and techniques.  Join the workshop and learn how to create the most emotive actions that will help you with your comic story!

Dr. John Lent.  Get the chance to be part of the in-depth discussion that talks about the progressive growth of Asian comic culture with publisher and creator of the International Journal of Comic Art, Dr. John Lent.

Stephon Marbury.  Get your hoops up with another celebrity guest! NBA and CBA Superstar, Stephon Marbury aka Starbury, is coming to Manila for ComicCon Asia 2018! Grab the opportunity to meet and greet the basketball star and get a chance to win an all-expense-paid trip to New York for 2 as well! Purchase his packages on his He’s Got Game booth inside the convention!

These are just some of the celebrities which will be at this weekend's ComicCon Asia.

ComicCon Asia 2018 Quests

If you want immersive fun and action then join the ComicCon Asia Quests. Join Yumi and learn how you can play using your day badges for a chance to take home awesome prizes and loot bags.

All attendees of ComicCon Asia may choose to join quests just by downloading the official ComicCon Asia app.  However, all attendee are not obligated to join quests, but they are encouraged so they would be able to have the full ComicCon Asia experience.

A loot bag will be given to the first 30 attendees to achieve a total of 20 points in a specific zone.  Meanwhile, for the top three attendees with the most number of accumulated points, there will be Leaderboard Prizes.  Prizes will be given at the end of the convention.

Interested to learn more? Read about it here: http://comiccon.asia/quest-guidelines/

Enjoy the fun with a unique international convention

ComicCon Asia 2018 brings a convention which is organized by Filipinos.  Its standards are international and it caters to all of the fans be it Western or Eastern.  If you love comics or you love anime, this event will be for you.

Check out the many different booths that will be at the conventions.  You might just find a collectible, plushie, anime merchandise, shirts or many other items to your liking.  Remember that this is the first of its kind produced locally.

There are also tons of exciting contests and onsite competitions including the Cosplay Match-Up and the finals of Project XL The Search for the Next Pinoy Superhero.

This weekend, we invite you to come and be part of ComicCon Asia 2018.

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