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What to do at FurryPinas 2018?

I am telling you, FurryPinas 2018 will be one of the most unique and epic conventions coming this year in the Philippines.  Why?  There are simply tons of activities which you can participate in.  Never has a convention been as interactive and as unique like this.  Here is a quick FurryPinas schedule guide for you.

FurryPinas 2018 brings 7 areas for every attendee.  All of these areas have very engaging activities from the opening of the event to the closing hours in the evening.  There are areas for hardcore Furries, gamers, merchandise haggler and more.

FurryPinas 2018 Schedule Day 1

One of the key events for Day 1 on May 19 is the Great Furry Cosplay Contest.  If you are info Fursuiting or simply cosplaying a character from an anime which is a Furry then, we invite you to join this event.  Below are some other events which you can join and mind you all of these events are worth going into.

FurryPinas 2018 Schedule Day 2

Day 2 will include more engaging activities on stage which you can join and have fun.  Plus get ready to win tons of items while you help their official charity.  This day will also be the video shoot for the Fursuit Dance so be there if you want to be included.

Here are more events for FurryPinas 2018 Day 2 on May 20.

Time to plot your schedules! Remember this event should not be miss and it is better to come with a friend. Share this with your friends now and have total fun.

The event brings you over a hundred things to play or do! More information, mechanics, and sign-ups available at www.furrypinas.com/information.

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