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Jesus Cosplay at ComicCon Asia 2018

At some point, I do not want to write about this nor to comment but it seems that the issue had been festering for some time on my newsfeed. Is the Jesus Christ cosplay at ComicCon Asia 2018 really offensive or was it just okay?

Monty Mendigoria decided to cosplay the character played by Jim Caviezel in the movie Passion of the Christ.  It was part of his entry for the Western/Filipino Fabric category of the Cosplay Match Up.

My First Impression

My first impression was that I am actually shocked to see a cosplay of Jesus Christ for the first time.  So my first action was to ask the cosplayer about it.  Then he said that it was indeed a portrayal of the one from Passion of the Christ.  This means that it is not a direct portrayal of Jesus.

I did not feel offended by that but I am all hands up to him for having the courage to bring something like this to a convention.  I also told myself that it is Holy Week after all so I think it is okay.

The Cosplay and The Portrayal

I observed how he cosplayed Jesus Christ during ComicCon and in every second that he is in that cosplay, he did it with dignity.  He never did anything stupid nor participated in the usual antiques in conventions.  He never mocked the cosplay nor allow anyone to do it.

As he went on stage it was a moment of the portrayal of one of the saddest moment in the life of our Lord.  the make-up, the movement, the facial expression, it all reminds us of what it could have been to personally see Christ at that moment.

According to Monty, it took him more than 3 hours to complete the transformation.  I would say that it was indeed pretty impressive especially the wounds which totally looks real.

Jesus Christ Cosplay Controversy

That cosplay won a cash prize during the first day and became part of those who will compete in the finals.  As soon as I got home I read posts about the cosplay being offensive and there are also those who are asking if it is really fine to cosplay as such.

Here is my take on that issue:
  • The movie character being portrayed earned money.  The Passion of the Christ earned about $370,782,930 and was also the most criticized film ever since it is a depiction of a religious entity.  It was rated with an average rating of 5.9/10.
  • Anything that is religious and portrayed will be controversion and some people will be offended by it being at an event like this much more in cosplay.  Cosplay is still regarded by some as a "kid's thing."  Well, some professional people would not even mention it in their work.
  • I think the portrayal and what was done was not offensive at all.  In fact, this portrayal brings us to a sense of recollection about our Lord.  Honestly though that the setting is not yet right for cosplay such as this.
  • Even though Monty might say that it is not done to win, surely everyone who joins a contest wants to win considering the huge amount of the Grand Prize.  If I am one of the judges I would say this is better than the actual winner though I am not saying the judges choice is wrong.
  • So the cosplayer made money out of this and for some that is bad and he should donate it to charity.  Well, I think it is up to the person what he does with the money.  I do not think that the measure of being righteous is in donating it but in actually what he does with his life and with the money he gets not only in winning cosplaying as Jesus Christ but in everyday life.

Recommendations for Cosplayers

For cosplayers who are planning to cosplay controversial characters, you should always be ready for the feedback.  I am sure that no one would dare cosplay as the Prophet Mohammad for surely your life will be in danger.

Cosplaying religious characters is a risk because of the devotion of people to that character.  It is a dangerous path to take so I think it is better to keep safe and refrain from using religious characters in cosplay conventions.  In fact, I am suggesting that it be included in the rules.

I just hope that the focus of the debate on this will not be a personal one on the cosplayer but on the action that was done.  This is a learning experience for both the cosplayer, the event and the community.

Have a blessed Lenten Season!

Photos are grabbed from Monty Mendigoria

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