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Project X Gives Life to New Pinoy Superheroes

Would it be possible that our very own superheroes will finally get the international debut they deserve?  Before the world knows Superman and even Wonder Woman we already have pinoy superheroes like Darna and Captain Barbell.  Project-X: The Search for the New Pinoy Superhero is a timely breather to an industry which deserves to be revived and flourish.

During ComicCon Asia 2018, the first batch of carefully selected pinoy superheroes were introduced and 3 of them were specially recognized and given prizes.

Project-X Ultimate Winners

From 64 submissions coming from all over the Philippines and as far as Florida, 10 finalists were selected after a careful judging process.  Each of these entries were rated based on a set of criteria which involves the story, the art and a video.

Among the 10 finalists it was MITO which ultimately declared as the winner and brought home Php150,000 cash prize.  Mito tells the story of how mythical creatures were hunted and their spirit placed into mechanical robots in order to serve good.  This is quite an interesting story, and will put to the test whether these creatures can really forget what humans did to them by enslaving them into these vessels.

Codename: Hound which gets the 2nd spot tells the story of a power bestowed due to the conflict between Bathala, Diablo and Diosa.  These three mythical Filipino gods is an interesting to bring out and whether the creation will ultimately be a definite superhero serving the good of humanity.

REM, the 3rd place introduces us to a character which becomes a superhero in his sleep.  A rather interesting concept since it opens the first question on how he got his powers.  Although, we wonder if one of his weaknesses would be leaving his body unprotected?

Project-X: Search for New Pinoy Superheroes Finalists

Here are the 10 finalists which won Php10,000 each.  Although, we have never seen their video nor read their story I am sure that each of them are equally fitting to win.

  1. Stephen Abanto - "Zigben"
  2. Junvi Alabado - "Codename: Hound"
  3. Franz Carlo Banocnoc - "Liga Ultima"
  4. Mark Uel Basilla - "Handuraw X"
  5. Juilian Red Bautista - "REM"
  6. Aldrich Beltran - "Kemiko"
  7. Manuel Felipe Donado - "Mito"
  8. Gharawi Usman - "Simbala"
  9. Emmanuel Jr. Vasquez - "SEED"
  10. Heaniel Villaruel - "Makina"

Project-X Flashback

Michael Dulce introduces the idea behind Project-X anonymously during a panel discussion at Pinoy Otaku Festival 2017

This very laudable project started more than a year ago, when we were introduced by Mr. Michael Dulce to a concept were a new pinoy superhero will be born.  It is from him that we initially know it and supported it ever since.

That is why when the competition was finally announced by Mr. Richard Estuesta, we know that this was what we had been waiting all along.  It was a very successful project spearheaded by  him together with his company DV Tech Media Corporation.

Mr. Richard Estuesta, explaining about Project-X during the Awarding Ceremonies at ComicCon Asia 2018

Mr. Richard Estuesta, explaining about Project-X during the Awarding Ceremonies at ComicCon Asia 2018

His latest passion is Project X : The Search For New Pinoy Superheroes. A thought bulb lit up when one day, Richard saw his son intently watching a Malaysian-made superhero on Disney Channel. Right then, he thought, why not a Pinoy superhero? Richard is a doting father of three, with wife Marah. The latest addition to their family is six months old.

At first, the concept was just to encourage Pinoy creators to come up with a Pinoy millennial superhero. Then he got to know people who shared his enthusiasm and vision to coax creative minds out of their shells, to maybe become the next Mars Ravelo, who will create this generation's Captain Barbell and Darna. It is open to young and old creators, because, as Richard puts it, ideas never get old. The deadline for submitting entries is on March 14, 2018. The winner will be chosen at the ComicCon Asia to be held at SMX Convention Center on March 24-25, 2018. The winner will take home P150,000 pesos and perhaps a chance for the new Pinoy superheroes to star in an indie film! For details, visit New Pinoy Superheroes on FB or pinoysuperheroes.com. - Chink Positive

What's Next for Project-X: The Search for the New Pinoysuperhero?

After all of the fun fair and the awarding what will be next for this very promising search. We are sure that Sir Richard would go to greater heights in ensuring that this project will realize its dream.  It is about time that a formidable pinoy superhero be born and be recognized by the whole world.

Through the various partners that supported Project-X and with the support of the public, I am sure that this will be something worth supporting.

Congratulations to all the winners, Project-X, its partners and Mr. Richard Estuesta!

What can you say about Project-X?  What do you expect next year?  Share us your view.

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