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5 Tips to Avoid Issues in the CosCom

Just during the first two weeks of 2018 we are seeing various issues popping up within the Cosplay Community or people fondly call it as "CosCom."  Issues like "dedelord", "Checkin Sabay Hug" and "Sugar Daddy" are just some of them.  How do you avoid issues in the Coscom and not end up being so controversial like these people?

Think Before You Rant in Social Media

The very first tip to avoid issues in CosCom is to think before ever ranting in social media.  Remember that once you rant people will saw it.  Even if you put the privacy setting to friends only some of the friends of that person you are ranting about will see it.  This will then result to an endless exchange of rants which will make the whole environment between you two and other people toxic.

So think before you rant.

Personal Approach

Why do people rant on social media instead of talking to the person directly?  In the case of JM Poblador this girl rant against the person and detailed out every single issue of the guy.  In the end she tells everyone that she is not destroying the person in anyway.  The truth is, that person is already destroyed and mind you this is also cyber bullying eventhough what you are saying is true.

Well, the first person might have started everything because he might have rant in the first place and circulated some nastry rumors.  If he did then why not talk to him and if he is not doing anything about him then better get the legal option and file a case against this person.

Do Not Be A Pervert

Let's admit the fact that most guys are perverts but please be in control of your urges.  Asking a person to check in a hotel and telling her that you just want a hug is plan bullshit.  Why would you go so private and even pay for it if you do not want more than that.  Oh, you are telling me I got a dirty mind?  Well, you should ask yourself who has a dirtier mind.

When someone asks another person to check in a motel other than for family purposes, "group study", and private shoot then that is something else.  It is not a HUG but an UGH that you are looking forward to.

Make Good of Your Promises

One of the common issues in the CosCom involves not making good of promises.  These involves common contracts in the delivery of costume, returning of certain materials and the likes.  Always be sure that when you agree to something that you will abide by it.  Making excuses based on legitimate things is okay but doing it every time is another thing.

If you are a crafter and you think that you cannot finish a project on time inform your client way ahead of time.  Also, do not take too much load of projects which is beyond your ability to handle them.


The best way to avoid issues in CosCom is to RESPECT OTHER PEOPLE.  If you love yourself then also love other people.  Always try to be courteous to them and respect their privacy.  Know your boundaries and limitations.

If you see a sexy cosplayer or someone with a revealing costume it does not mean that you have the right to release your inner pervert attitude towards the person.  Remember that cosplay is not consent.

If you see an issue posted anywhere on social media do not add to the flame on it.  The best thing you can do is advise both sides to talk privately and come to an agreement.  People like "Dedelord 2018", "Ugh Pa Hug" and "Sugar Daddy" also have rights and they also need respect although what they did might really be not respectable.

Links to the issue?  No, I am not giving any.

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If you have tips yourself about how to avoid issues in the CosCom then please share it here in the comments.

Thanks for reading.

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