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MNL48 is a Talent Search not a Popularity Contest

Last time I checked MNL48 is a talent search and not a popularity contest.  I do not know how the other branches of this group from Hong Kong or Singapore was selected but the way things are being done in the Philippines, seems to be a bit problematic.

The Problem with Likes

If you will be joining any talent contest or contest for that matter, the worst type of them would be a likes contest.  This type of popularity contest is prone to abuse including multiple accounts, multiple votes, buying out votes and more.

It can be compared to the search in your elementary or primary days when there are so called Little Mr. and Miss in your school then their parents are asking you to buy tickets.  Each ticket corresponds to a vote.  The pair who would garnet the most amount of money regardless what they look like will be declared as winners.

MNL48 and Talent Factor

Hi! As of now wala na kami sa Top 200 :v  Its so hard to campaign for votes when your dreams are just based on "likes".
It is indeed hard to campaign when the search is based purely on likes.  How can it be assured that people are liking because of the talent of the person?  There is no assurance.  MNL48 is a search which involves finding talent, charisma and the AKB48 appeal in the audition.  All of these are thrown out by a pure like contest.

Of course other major reality shows have voting open for the general public BUT THAT IS AFTER THEY SHOWCASE THEIR TALENT. 

Well, they posted a video.  So is that enough?  Can talent be based on that?

A Long Overdue MNL48 Reality Search

I do not know what the plan really is but I believe MNL48 is a long overdue reality search.  I for one is excited about it and wanted to see it on television.  However, with what I see online and how my friends desperately ask for likes to their friends who join the contest, I was really dumbfounded.

I once read that MNL48 will be aired during Showtime on ABS-CBN.  The main question here is when?


MNL48 Top 16 Overall based on MNL48 website

MNL48 Web Reality Show

I am wondering if the MNL48 management have considered doing a web reality show that can be aired via a Live Broadcast on Youtube and Facebook.  This way they can perhaps showcase the talents of those that have auditioned and make a voting call during those episodes.

A Livestream of MNL48 even if it is online will catch a lot of attention and will bring the search from just mere likes to something that focuses on talent and audience appeal.

What do you think about this idea?  What do you think about MNL48 in general?  Share us your views.

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