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Why Earth-chan is just missing the point and turning out bad

Earth-chan could have just been something that would have done a lot of good things to send positive message to fellow anume and Otaku fans but it's turning out for the worst.  It might have been just another male masochist and anti-woman meme that should stop and be corrected.  I am not saying that I am all that perfect but come on, is this even right and fair for women?

Who is Earth-chan?

According to an online source:

Earth-chan is an anime-style anthropomorphic representation of the planet Earth. She is depicted as a young girl with hair dyed in the colors blue and green, resembling a photograph of the planet taken from space. Online, image macros featuring the character often contain jokes using the popular anime trope of characters being insecure about their flat chest by referencing to the flat earth theory. 
On November 30th, 2017, Twitter user @Trinimmortal tweeted a joke about creating an anime featuring the planets of our solar system as anime girls, which would contain a running gag about Earth-chan saying “I’m not flat!” On December 4th, Twitter user @felipecunhaeloi[2] responded to the tweet with an illustration of the anime idea (shown above). - knowyourmeme

Sexualizing an entire planet?

The Earth-chan memes seems to relay one major thing and that is sexualizing the entire planet.  It is like comparing the planet to a woman and making use of the earth is flat theorist to refer to flat boobs.  But why on earth should we even patronize nor promote this kind of sexualization?

The meme defeats the purpose for which something as original like this could be used.  Since Earth-chan is a girl, he is worth protecting or something like that.  He is fragile and delicate so we must take care of her.  However, this is still discriminatory since we are saying that females are inferior.

Now how about this one?

The fact is the whole "mother earth" thing should not be done because technically if we try to represent the earth or personify it, it should be someone which is neither male nor female.  That way it can promote its advocacy better and be less prone to sexual inuendos by perverts and hentai lovers.

This is just an opinion so it's up to you.  Well, go on and search for EARTH-CHAN on GOOGLE.

Earth-chan could really be something good and a tool to further the campaign to save the planet but it is turning out to be a tool to blast inner desires of humans in the planet.  So who do you think would win?

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