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DreamStar Photography and Photography Tips

We have read tons of comments about Dream Star Cosplay Photography regarding how the shots were taken and how it was uploaded online.  I would not take part in the issue of bashing the page and the photographer since it is his prerogative to do what he wants as long as it is also in consonance to the rights of the people being photographed.

Now, for my part let me share with you some BASIC COSPLAY PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS which might help you and Dream Star Photography.

Ask Consent

Before any photo is taken please ask consent from the cosplayer.  Be sure that he/she is well aware that you are taking a photo of he unless it is scripted.  No one would want to look bad in a camera, much more if they are to be uploaded online right/

Proper Use of Lighting

Make sure that your shot is not over exposed nor under exposed.  Very dark photos no matter how important the subject is deserves an immediate trip to the trash bin.  Dark shots are a no-no in cosplay shoots.

To make use of proper lighting be sure to scout the area first and the light locations.  Shoot area must at least be illuminating enough to highlights the face of the cosplayer. 

Don't go against the light unless you can pull over such a shot.  Shots against the light are the usual reason behind dark shots.

Proper Photo Taking

Be sure to take photos properly.  Do not take photos without duirect consent during the following circumstances:

  • While eating.
  • While resting.
  • While fixing something.
  • While casually walking and during personal time.
  • While doing something embarrassing.

How to Approach Cosplayers for Photo Ops

First of all you need to ask the permission of the cosplayer to have the shot.  Once an answer is made follow the specific answer parameters.  For example if the cosplayer says, "Do not show my exposed back," so never ever go against that.

Use a Photo Editing Software

If your shots are not of very good quality, you can always use a photo editing software such as Adobe Lightroom.  Play on the colors and custom settings so that your photo will appear acceptable and better.

Selective Uploading

When uploading to your online page or in any online platform be sure that photos to be uploaded are pre-selected.  Upload only good shots and disregard dark, over exposed, under exposed and awkward shots.

Remember Composition is a Plus

You do not need to have a high-end digital camera or DLSR in order to take good photos.  Composition or how you angle and put a story to your shot is the best way of ensuring that the turnout will be better.

DreamStar Cosplay Photography Advise

My personal advise to the owner of the page, listen to what others is telling you and if you have problems with that you can always approach someone and ask them about it.

For cosplayers who had shots with him, the best way is to talk to him for the post or photo to be down or taken out.

Thanks for reading and please do share.

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  1. It would be great if he would actually be willing to take down photos. Someone posted a conversation with the photographer of DreamStar Cosplay Photography where he refused to take down all of the photos of the cosplayer after being asked nicely about it.

  2. Now that I think about it, how can I tell that I can have a photo-op with a cosplayer? I've been attending events for a while, and most of the time, cosplayers appears busy during cons. I know the obvious times when I should not approach a cosplayer though (eg: when they're eating, having a shoot/photo-op with someone else, etc...).

    1. Just ask them if you can take a photo with the cosplayer :)

  3. 6 years of cosplay photography he said, after digging on his photo album.. uhh it made raise my finger :/

  4. sir salamat sa advice may adjustemets na ako gagawin gayan din ang nagyari kay FMJ nabash din siya dahil sa blurred at half face photos pasensya na po sa abala na ginawa ko halos nasira na ang buong team dahil sa gingawa nila


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