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Cosplaymania 2017 is Worst Convention?

What can you say about Cosplaymania 2017?  What are your feedback?  

Let me begin with a personal assessment which comes from someone who had been attending this event but had not attended this year.  I know some would argue that I was not actually there but I hope you can read between the lines and see what I mean.

Cosplaymania 2017 is the Worst Convention Ever?

I have seen this pronouncement on some of my friends wall that Cosplaymania 2017 was the worst convention ever.  My first reaction was, "really?".  I had my share of sentiments which made my experience of the event very very bad specially when it comes to the cosplay competition.  I would admit however that throughout the years they have improved a lot and though they will not admit it they saw those complaints and other problems as a way to improve.

Now about the long lines.  It was unfortunate that the early bird did not get as much attention or preference as those that purchases onsite.  It probably happened because tons of tickets were sold early and the only way to make an organized entry is to create a line, however the line was indeed long... very long.

This was probably the first time Cosplaymania encountered such number of people especially in terms of early bird buyers.  Why?
  • This year they had more line-up than ever.
  • They bring along not only JPop stars but also Seiyuus which had very strong following on their own.
  • The freebies was an eyecatcher/
This was a first time for them, which might have caught them off guard.


Besides what we have written before about "7 Reasons Why Cosplay Mania 2017 is still the Best Convention", we think that no other convention done locally had delivered the same value for money the same like Cosplaymania 2017 did.

This year is in fact the best Cosplaymania in terms of content especially the guest and competitions.  I cannot comment about the booths since I am not actually there.  Cosplay and prizes were superb, the number of guests were truly amazing and the opportunity given to local fans was unmatched.

They have to adjust on many things but saying that it is the worst is simply unfair to them.

What needs improvement?

Well here are some suggestions based on the various feedback that I heard:

  • Traffic flow especially when it comes to early bird and onsite tickets
  • Lower the price of booths perhaps so that they can provide discounts on their items.  Some observed that the online counterparts of the products of the booths in the convention are noticeably lower.
  • More exciting segments.  Not that they do not have it now but it would be great to see more.
That's all folks and what about you? What can you say about Cosplaymania 2017.

Yeah, I know we were not there but our Media Team was there as part of the Naruto Cosplayers PH Media Network.

For more Cosplaymania 2017 photos CLICK HERE.

See you at Cosplaymania 2018!

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  1. Cosmania probably needs more space. It was like Divisoria during christmas with how thick the crowd was! Rent the whole building next time?

    1. They had improved throughout the years and I think handling the crowd was way better compared to other cons outside of PH.


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