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Join the MNL48 Auditions - Register Now!

 We had been hearing about MNL48 for quite a long time now and everyone is wondering how can you actually be part of it. Now, the long wait is over as Hallo Hallo Entertainment and ABS-CBN announces its first ever registration and audition for MNL48 this October 14, 2017 - Saturday at Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall in Cainta,. Rizal.

What to expect from the MNL48 Audition Tour?

It was a new chapter for MNL48 since Hallo Hallo Entertainment partnered with Kapamilya Network, ABS-CBN.  This will be the first ever audition for this much anticipated Japanese idol group chapter in the Philippines, thus expect the area to be full of those who want to be part of it.

If you are female and age 15-20 years old then you are invited to come to the audition and register.  All you have to do is prove that you got the talent and dedication to be the next teen idol in the country.

We know you will have supporters as well so the organizers has prepared tons of exciting activities and surprises for everyone.  There will also be a complete set audition track customized with build-in video and sound recorder to document the performance of each participants.

MNL48 tour hopes to gather and reach out to more participants nationwide and entice them to apply, register and even update their MNL48 account.

What is MNL48?

MNL48 is the FIlipino adaptation of the world renowned Japanese pop idol group, AKB48.  This group is considered as the highest grossing girl group in Japan in terms of both sales and popularity.  "Idols you can meet," is such a unique concept that became a phenomenal hit since 2005.

AKB48 is regularly performing at their own theater at Akihabara, Tokyo.  MNL48 is not the only sister groups in Asia because there is also one in Japan, Taipei and Bangkok.

MNL48 Reality Talent Show

As soon as the nationwide audition tour ends, HHE together with ABS-CBN is set to begin the search for the first ever national idol group in the Philippines.  The onscreen talent search will be aired on ABS-CBN and performances from the top ranking applicants during the audition will be highlighted as well.

Show your support

If you have someone you want to support or just a fan of the idol group concept then you can do it through the MNL48 website and mobile app.  Just download the app via Google Play and App Store and become a member on the app.

The mobile app will provide a very unique and personal supporting system which includes unlimited "Likes" to their chosen aspirant.  All of the support from the app and the website will help get your desired aspirant higher in the rankings.  You can also access real-time happenings and updates.

For more updates regarding MNL48 just visit mnl48.ph or MNL48official on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Credit:  All photos are property of their owners as grabbed from MNL48.ph website.  This is an official media partner article.

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