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Watch the most amazing spiderman cosplays - Spiderverse PH

We are glad to be one of the media partners for TOYCON PH 2017 better known as TOYCON Pop Life Fanxperience 2017.  Our goal during the event was to create a video blog and do some interviews.  Obviously we did manage to get some footage and a few interview since we are a bit shy.  One of our interview is with the amazing spiderman cosplayers from Spider-verse PH.

Watch the most amazing Spiderman Cosplays

Spider-verse PH, is a group of Spider-Man universe fans and cosplayers based in the Philippines.  The members includes long time cosplayers of Spider-man as well as new cosplayers.  The group in fact traverse through cosplay groups and shows a unity that is rarely seen in Philippine cosplay.

We really enjoyed the interview and we love how they portray the character.

Joining Spider-verse PH soon?

As a cosplayer while searching for reference photos, I came across 2 versions of Spider-man which I am looking forward to cosplay.  I hope that they can welcome me in their group once this cosplan becomes a reality.  I also hope that I will have the funds to do it.


  • SPIDER-MAN NOIR (with hat and cloak)

For those who want to know more about Spider-verse PH and how you can see them, contact them or even join them just VISIT THEIR FACEBOOK PAGE.

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