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Ajin: Demi-Human Quick Review and Season 2

I had finally finished watching an Anime Series after a long time.  "Ajin: Demi-Human" is the first anime that I will be reviewing since I can remember.  For some reason I lost passion in watching Anime due to their redundant story line, however, I was surprised to finish and enjoy this anime series.

Here is our review of Ajin: Demi-human Season 1 on Netflix.

Plot and Story

These creatures cannot die or so they say.  It seems that something or an entity exists on our planet and everyone is hunting for it.  The story focuses on a boy named Kei Nagain when he was accidentally hit by a truck and his body is squashed by it.  To the amazement of his classmates he return to life unharmed and he was discovered to be an Ajin.

He became wanted and was pursued by the police and those who wanted to do experiments on Ajins.  Kei's friend, Kai helped him escaped until they got separated and he met Sato.  Sato is an old man in a hat who wants to show the superiority of Ajins over humans and wants to control the world.

I would say the plot of the story is pretty good and the voice actors are also superb.  Kei Nagai is voiced by top voice actor Mamoru Miyano.  Kei is just a boy who wants to have a normal life but was stolen by this sudden turn of events.  He was invaded by a ghost thus he is not truly an Ajin when he is born.

The progression of the story makes you wonder who are Ajins and who truly are humans.  Do these Ajins really have a weakness and why does that doctor keep on smoking that cigarette?  

What I dislike about Ajin

First and foremost, I do not understand why Kai was suddenly left out of the story.  Where did he go?  Was he not able to follow on his friend or did the author totally forgot about this character as he introduced another companion, Ko Nakano?

Here are more of the things which I dislike or was confused:

  • The Ajin ghost battle was less than exciting.  I do not really see the excitement as I watch these IBM do battle.  What's with them anyway.
  • What's with the cigarette of Dr. Ogura?  Does it enhance his memory or is he just an addict?  This scenario was literally something I do not understand.
  • Kei's IBM is so confusing.  What's with Kei's black ghost.  It was first projected as something independent and has a mind of his own then it is following Kei all of a sudden.  This is pretty confusing for me.

What I like about Ajin

Here are things why I am excited for Ajin: Demi-human Season 2:
  • It has a very exciting story line and plot.
  • I am excited about the battle between Kei and Sato.
  • I wonder who are still Ajins
  • Will Izumi Shimomura side with Kei?
  • What will happen to Yu Tosaki?
There are tons of possiblities in this anime series and that is one of the best reason I have to jeep watching it.  Apart from that, very talented voice actors are giving life to these characters.

Voice Actors Behind Ajin: Demi Human

  • Kei Nagai - Mamoru Miyano
  • Kaito - Yoshimasa Hosoya
  • Satō - Hōchū Ōtsuka
  • Yū Tosaki - Takahiro Sakurai
  • Izumi Shimomura - Mikako Komatsu
  • Kōji Tanaka - Daisuke Hirakawa
  • Eriko Nagai - Aya Suzaki
  • Sokabe - Kenichi Suzumura
  • Ikuya Ogura - Hiroyuki Kinoshita
  • Kō Nakano - Jun Fukuyama 

Ajin: Demi Human Season 1 Rating

I am giving this anime series a rating of 8/10.  I like it but I think in some way it could have been more exciting and more intriguing.  Do you agree or disagree?

Ajin: Demi-Human Season 2

The season 2 for this anime will be released on October 7, 2016.  Since it will be streamed on Netflix let us expect to see the full season uploaded.  Meanwhile here is a teaser of Season 2.

What do you think of Ajin: Demi-Human?  What are your expectations for Season 2?

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