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New Pinoy Manga released in Araw ng Ma-i

CSM Publishing had fulfilled the dreams of artists Arya Chelabian  and Faye Villanueva as they support the release and publication of MA-I.  It is an emerging pinoy manga series that is definitely and uniquely Pinoy.

Mai-i is indeed a great read as it features a rich storyline depicting the richness of our own culture and history while promoting positive values using Filipino mythology and legends—which puts the material on a par with mainstream comics series that feature Western or Japanese culture.

Perhaps most of you might us why read Ma-i when there might be better stories out there and usually pinoy komiks are boring?  Well, this one I guarantee you that it will not be a boring story.  It will give you the feel of a differently created Pinoy komiks/manga.


MA-I is about a fictional world called MA-I, where harmony among the land and its mystical creatures had been marred by a dark being named Ka’lila, and a young boy named Lakan, together with his friends, must take on the quest to defeat this darkness which is larger than themselves. 

The initial release has five books (chapters) entitled “1 - Si Lakan,” “2 - Palaboy,” “3 - Si Malakas at Si Maganda,” “4- Ang Alitaptap,” and “5 - Aman at Makaka,” focusing on the main characters in the series and their initial forays into the epic struggle between good and evil. Each book also features a trivia page about the Filipino culture and items (such as crafts and weapons) common during the Philippine pre-colonial era.

Each book contains more than 50 pages and will be sold for less than P100. The whole series is planned to have 60 books when completed.

Ma-i is a Shounen (young boys), Action, Fantasy, and Comedy genre focused manga/komiks.


MA-I Was officially launched at the 36th Manila International Book Fair on September 17, 2015 at the SMX Convention Center, SM Mall of Asia. After that the “Araw ng MA-I” was held  on September 20, 2:30pm, at CSM Booth Nos. 1-5 and cosplayers from Naruto Cosplayers PH (NCPH) made an apperance portraying the characters from the komiks.

Characters includes Luta (Helen Cleodara D'Angelo), Lakan (David D'Angelo Jr,), Aman (Benjie Casi), Makaka (Jan Christian Cascaro), Apo Guinoo (Ferrari Lacson), Tiktik (Fatima Jongco) and the main antagonist Kal'lila cosplayed by David D'Angelo.

For those who want to avail Ma-i comics you can still avail of the 2 for P100 pricing just visit the Facebook page of CSM Publishing. MA-I is published under Kawangis Komiks, an imprint of CSM Publishing.


Arya Chelabian grew up learning valuable lessons from local folklore and novels as well as Eastern (manga) and Western comics. He is a graduate of Industrial Engineering at Mapua Institute of Technology where he spent his vacant time at the fire exit with friends, playing Hunter and Legend of the Five Rings, and sharing stories written by both famous and unknown authors. His love for values found in the Bible and the beauty of the Filipino ethnic culture drove him to write this story. He believes that stories can influence the next generation with important life lessons the way stories of old have influenced him. He is an engineer by profession.

Faye Villanueva has been creating stories and drawing since she was a toddler. Her influences are classic and Christian novels, Japanese and Western comics. She attended intensive story writing workshops (mostly for film) during her college and working years (as a Communications graduate and practitioner). For the past decade, she has contributed her designs and illustrations to various published books in the Philippines. She now desires to bridge the gap between otakus (manga and anime fans) and God. Follow her at Instagram @spatialchild.

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If you ant to support and promote Ma-i please use the official hashtags: #PinoyManga #KomikSerye and you can also use #maikomiks.

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