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Attack on Titan Live Action Part 2 Movie Review and Revelations

Attack on Titan Live Action Part 2: End of the World will be showing on Philippine cinemas beginning September 23.  We get to watch the premiere at SM Megamall and honestly we were a bit surprised as to how the movie concluded.  It might receive another barrage of rants from our dear super followers of SNK anime and manga.
During my first review of Attack on Titan Live Action published at Naruto Cosplayers PH (NCPH) I said that it is a must watch movie and I still maintain that stand.  In fact when I shared it many questioned it and even laugh at the review telling me that I might just be another weebo who cannot really see how bad the movie was.  However, I would like to state that in reviewing movies I always give my best to analyze it in a perspective that gives reference and consideration to everything.

After watching the fist live action movie a month ago, I decided to watch the anime and finished it in just two weeks.  That means this review will now have a bearing on the anime as well.  The question is will it change my perspective?

Before I begin my review let me give my sincerest thanks to Pioneer films for inviting us to watch the movie premiere.


Hajime Isayama decided to create an entirely different story for the live action.  He might intentionally intended to test the loyalty of the fans so that he can insert bits and pieces of revelation that has a bearing on the anime and the manga.

In the Attack on Titan Live Action Movie Part 2, it revealed the following:
  • The origin of Titans
  • The real enemy
  • The intention of the survey corps
  • The reason of why memories where wiped out 100 years ago
The second part drove as far away from the manga and anime as it could have been expected.  I would not dare share all of that but you would find out who the Colossal Titan is and also an Armored Titan will appear... and after that you will all be surprised.


Let us quote an article published at Anime News Network regarding it:
"We knew that we were going to get a lot of different opinions going into this," Isayama remarked. "We welcome all of the thoughts and criticisms of this movie and we want to try and learn from them as we move forward." 
To that end, Isayama has since encouraged current skeptics to go see the movie, asking that they watch the promotional videos in advance to see if it could appeal to them. 
"If you feel like seeing the movie even a little, please check it out. It might be a little selfish of me to ask, but I think people may end up enjoying the movie."


There are some points int he movie which I would like to stress out which caught my attention:
  • The scene between Eren and Shinkishima in a rather isolated room has scenes that goes unreasonable and unrealistic unless they are in a room similar to the X-Men's Danger Room.
  • The actions of Sasha and Mikasa's interaction with her in a certain portion of the movie seems rather off.  I am wondering why it turned out that way.


Hanji will surely make your day in this movie.
So what should you watch out for in the movie?  Here are some of them which I would say you must watch to really enjoy it:
  • Some Eren x Shikishima scenes which might surprise you a lot.
  • You would see Levi in spirit
  • Some heart pounding and heavy action that you should not miss


So what can I say about the Attack on Titan Live Action movie part 2?  I would say this is way better than the first one in terms of action and suspense.  I might have moved away from the SNK storyline but still it makes you think of the connection and it has.  This is still a must watch and highly recommended.

Plus, don't leave yet as the movie closes for there will be something that will surprise you and make you think that there is more to what the manga has to offer perhaps a next movie?

The movie opens on September 23, so please if you watch the movie do comment what you think about it.  We would be very happy to hear about it.

For fans out there here is a bonus interview video from the cast during their Hollywood premiere.

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