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Game Review: Just Roll It!

Get rich and live a life of a millionaire! All you need to do is Just Roll It! Just Roll It is another online craze brought to you by GameClub and now hits the Philippines by storm. Build your real-estate empire by travelling the world or also by travelling outer space. So how can you play this online board game? Otakuplay PH will be giving you are review anything about Just Roll It!

Just Roll It! Overview

Just Roll It! Is an online board game which can be played by 3-4 players as a free for all individual game or as a team of 2 players in group battle. It can be played on PC/Desktop by downloading the game client (204 mb). Your aim at Just Roll It is to end the game by you being the player with highest earnings and also by bringing your opponent on bankruptcy. Build your own real-estate empire, buy properties, and pay taxes and penalties.

Each player will be rolling the dice on their turn. Once done, they can either buy the property or if landed to another player’s property, he/she can pay the rent and has the option of buying that property, depending on how much money you have left. All you need to do is be wise and use a dash of luck.

How to Play?

All you need to do first thing after downloading the client is to have an account. Visit Just Roll It website and if you haven't register to Gamelub, register so you can proceed with the next step.

After you register, run the game client and input your username and password:
Create your character. Each character has special abilities that you can use at the game, which can either manipulate dice rolls or gives extra luck. As you play the game, your character will level up and their special abilities will increase. Choose the character and give it a name.
For first time players, the game will be executing a tutorial on how to play the game. You have the option to follow the tutorial or just escape it. I suggest following the tutorial because the game will also be giving gifts for first time players.
You will be directed to the channel dashboard where you can join a free-for-all room, create free-for-all or team room or observe a room.
Once you are entered and the room is completed with 3-4 players, the game will start.

Starting the game

Each player will have a chance to roll the dice.

If you landed on an empty spot, you can construct buildings (a villa, a building and a hotel).
If you landed on another player’s property, you are required to pay a rental fee. It is depends on the construction status of the area. Thus, if another player landed on your property, he/she is also need to play a rental fee.
If you can afford buying the other player’s property after paying the rental fee, you may do so.
Avoid paying taxes and penalties as much as possible. You can have a chance to land at Fortune Card slot where you can have a Fortune Card which you can use on buying planet, paying low toll fee or rent fee and etc.

Determining the winner

There are four winning condition on the game.

  1. Bankrupt the competitor – A player who last longer wins. When players reach the time or turn limit of the game, the player with the largest asset wins.
  2. Triple Victory – Having 3 sets of same colored blocks enables you to the triple victory, regardless of how big your asset is.
  3. Line Victory – If a player who owns an entire line of properties at one side of the board (including the tourist spots and regardless of the asset amount) will instantly win.
  4. Tourism Victory – If you own all the tourist spots/cities, you can win instantly regardless of your current asset amount.

Game Experience and Review

It brings an online board game into a whole new level: with its graphics, colorful characters, graphic and sound effects and easy user-interface, players can easily learn and enjoy the game.
The game is not too technical: it can be easily played by players with ages from 15 and up (or even younger than 15).
It has less PC/Desktop requirements: You can play the game without worrying on how much memory it consumes.

Exciting promos are available each month: For this month, Just Roll It will be giving away as much as Php 1,000,000.00 plus getting a chance to win latest gadgets. Go to their website and know more about how to win these awesome prizes.

Philippine celebrities are also enjoying Just Roll It! Watch this short clip on how they enjoyed playing the game.

So, are you ready to get rich? Let the dice roll as Just Roll It brings an online board game to an awesome and exciting experience!

Written by Ranne of Ranneveryday ヅ
Visit her blog: http://www.ranneveryday.com/
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