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Responsible Blogging, coverage and Deremoe

I was shocked to see the turn out of events after Jay Agonoy of Deremoe.com unfortunately made a huge mistake during the Meet and Greet of Eir Aoi.  Jay and I met during the premiere of Attack on Titan Live Action Part 2 and I never really know of the issue that time.  I noticed that he was sad and in a state of trauma something that I became very concerned of.

Earlier during that day, a friend of mine read a long rant made regarding what happened during the Eir Aoi Meet and Greet.  The rant was so intense and so deep that it can only mean that person is a fan of the artists and has long been not liking the way Deremoe writes in ther blog.

When I talked with Jay, I personally asked him about the issue and he was genuinely apologetic and telling me that it was a big mistake.  There I told him that as writers we are entitled to our own opinion and also with that is the risk that people or readers may not like it.  I also advised him to apologize and continue writing.

As I read about the details of the unfortunate incident and corroborate this with some other incidents which I know of, I can share that Jay and some members of his team are indeed very passionate writers and at some point they are very vocal about their opinions.  Sometimes they act out of the instance of the moment which would put them in a very bad light.

I know Jay personally and based on how I know him he is a very good person, a good friend and someone who deeply loves anime and what he do.  I know that what he did was wrong and what their team did was indeed wrong.  Perhaps they should began to implement responsible journalism and be more careful in planning their questions and laying out their articles if they decided to continue writing.

Deremoe.com seems to be down as well as their Facebook page.  Jay Agonoy's personal Facebook page was also deactivated.  Does Jay deserve all that is happening?  Does he deserve all of the negative comments?

I would gladly answer NO.  Yes, Jay committed a mistake in asking a very sensitive question to Eir Aoi and he should have learned that during the first time he was stopped and prevented from asking it, however it might not be his intention to hurt or humiliate anyone.

Deremoe, Jay and their team should learn a lot from this.  I would not condemn them because as a fellow writer and blogger I know how it feels to be bashed online but still a mistake is a mistake.  Let us also remember that a mistake cannot be cured by another mistake.  Jay Agonoy did not commit a heinous crime and I still believe he can change for the better.

Thanks for reading.

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