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Attack on Titan Live Action Movie Review

Where is Levi?  Why is it that Attack on Titan Live Action does not follow the story in the anime?  This is definitely disappointing right?  However, we dare to differ and we dare to tell you an honest review of Attack on Titan Live Action.

First of all we would like to thank AMUSE Philippines and Pioneer Films for inviting us to the premiere of Attack on Titan Live Action.  We are very privilege to have been invited.

Parallel Universes.  In an anime setting as in comics there are so called "Parallel Universes" and there are also so called "What ifs?"  Shingeki nyo Kyojin Live Action perhaps dwell on the parallel universe and the what if based on how  it presented the plot.

  • There is no change in plot because...
  • There are titans as enemies
  • The Colossal Titan destroyed the wall at the very beginning
  • Eren becomes a Titan himself and fights other Titans
However, there are minor noticeable changes which for hardcore fans of the anime and manga may be somewhat off.  

What can I say about the noticeable changes in the Attack on Titan Live Action?

Let me tell you my view as a movie reviewer for quite some time now, actually since 2008.

Whenever a movie is based on a comic book, an anime or something else it will always consider the cinematic relevance of each and every action.

A movie targets the wider audience, including the current fans of the movie in its former medium.

What the producer of the movie decided to do is twist the plot a bit so that the fans of the anime and manga will have something to look forward to and watch.  What if these are the things that happened on Attack on Titan?  What will be the outcome and what will happen?

Attack on Titan Live Action will draw those who are not into the manga and the movie to watch and read the manga and anime respectively while anime fans will be drawn to watch the movie.

The full house seats at the premiere of Atatck on Titan Live Action

When watching a live action from an anime, I always consider it as a separate experience.  I never dare to compare it so much with the anime instead I find the reason on why the story is presented that way.  This way you get to enjoy the story in a new perspective and love it.

What part of Attack on Titan Live Action did I not like?

The Computer Graphics Animation (CGI) of the movie was not perfect but I would say it is good enough.  I would not dare say that it is bad and it affects the movie that you will not enjoy it for that would be wrong.  The CGI could have been done better though.

Soundtrack, specially the ending song.  I felt that the ending song was a bit off and does not compliment the movie.  The lyrics and the beat was not very engaging with the audience nor did it compliment the anticipation for the next part.

What about the love making scenes?

I think the scenes which depicts a bit of love making and some echieness in the movie is a good addition to make it a bit engaging.  It is not necessary and the movie can do without it but it did add color.  You will surely find it a bit entertaining and comedic as well.

What about Mikasa and Erens relationship?

Again in the movie Mikasa means a lot for Eren and it was like somewhat a love triangle.  This point of view was a bit different from the anime but I think it makes the movie somewhat different and adds a new perspective in the series.

Do you recommend us to watch Attack on Titan Live Action?

Definitely a yes.  You should watch the movie and enjoy it.  I did not watch the anime but now I think I would love to watch it and I would enjoy it more.  This movie made me realize that I am missing one great anime.

Here are more photos from the event...

 Do tell us what you think about Attack on Titan Live Action by adding your comment below. The live action movie is now showing at selected cinemas nationwide starting August 12.

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