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Scammers and Scamming destroying Cosplay Community

How would you feel if you put all your hard effort in making a costume and then all of a sudden you will find out that the money that was paid to you were fake, worst they are paper play money that is not even cut the proper way?

Azeleia Petrova Salvatore, a known costume maker in the cosplay community was apparently scammed by someone named "Mika Nim" or "Mikaela Torres".    In her Facebook account Azeleia recalls the tedious day she had in delivering the costume during Otaku Expo Reload 2015.  She had no sleep for 2 days, was feeling sick and had to carry a bunch of other props and cosplay.

The scammer was wearing a facial mask, short hair, in eye glasses with rounded eyes and is wearing green shorts.  They met around 4pm at the SM Megamall food court.  Since she trusts her client she did not even bother checking the money.

I have observed various scammers and incidences of scamming.  Personally things like this are destroying the cosplay community.  If a cosplayer cannot afford to buy a costume or pay for a commissioned costume then he or she should just stop and not pursue to hobby or better yet find a way to legally continue it.

There are also some who would charged hefty and huge amounts for costumes or props only for the client to find out that the finished costumes are of lower quality.  Also, there is the endless bashing and dispute between costume makers in the community.

What happened to Azeleia was an unfortunate event.  It is an event that should be prevented and those who do this should be brought to justice.  It is a shame that with the mainstreaming of cosplay comes people who have no regard or respect for fellow members of the community.

I hope that who ever is a scammer will really pay and whoever gets scammed will get justice.

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