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Tokyo EDM Invasion hits Manila, don't be left out

If you want to experience something new, refreshing and definitely something you would remember then you should join and come to one of the best events ever, TOKYO EDM INVASION 2014.  This unique event will happen on August 2, 2014 at the SMX Convention Center at Mall of Asia from 8:00pm to 4:00 am.

This will be the first time that Tokyo EDM Invasion will held here in Southeast Asia. Countries like the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Shanghai, Macau, Hong Kong has already experience the fun of The Love and House world tour.  Once you join, you become part of history.  Remember that unlike any other  Japan’s forces are going to be led by Geisha’s, Ninjas and Sumo Wrestlers.

Otakuplay = Anime + Cosplay and Naruto Cosplayers PH (NCPH) will officially cover the event for everyone.  

Why is Tokyo EDM Invasion different?

  1. Cosplay Party to the Max.  You get to join a real all night till morning party while in cosplay!  It is a celebration of Japanese culture that allows you to be totally in character and at the same time feel the rave of the party and drink a bit.
  2. Japanese EDM.  This is a chance for you to hear and party to the sound of Japanese EDM.  Electronic dance music (also known as EDM, dance music, club music, or simply dance) is a set of percussive electronic music genres produced primarily for dance-based entertainment environments, such as nightclubs. This is the rarest chance to meet DJ Dantz, the best DJ in Japan and he has produced music for international artists and famous DJs gaining a name for himself with music on the top charts. He has toured Europe and rocked crowds of up to 100,000. He’s also the resident DJ of LOVE&HOUSE WORLD @ WOMB ranking No.2 in the world according to U.K. magazine, MIX MAG. 
  3. Unlimited Alcohol and Free Drinks.  You can just but the General Admission ticket at P950 and you will get 1 drink from Jack Daniels or enjoy unlimited drinks plus food when you buy an SVIP ticket worth P5,300.
  4. Ultimate Nakama Party.  This is an ultimate party for your friends.  Get to drink and party the Japanese way.  GA Nakama Package only costs P1,350 for 3 and it comes with 1 drink from Jack Daniels (saves you P1,500).  For those who want an ultimate party then choose the VIP Nakama Package which entitles the ticket holder to get 6 VIP Tickets + Standing Table and each ticket comes with 3 shots of Jack Daniels (saves you P6,400).
  5. Get paid to use a taxi.  Yes, that is right if you use GrabTaxi to get a cab and go to the event, they will refund you P150.  Cool right?

For more reasons on why you should be part of Tokyo EDM Invasion 2014 you can read this article, "7 Reasons Why Tokyo EDS Invasion Is A Party You Can't Miss?"

Who to expect at Tokyo EDM Invasion 2014?

Here are the line-up of Japanese Artists:
  • DJs:
  1. DANTZ - EDM
  • Taiko drummer, Makoto Yamamoto
  • Dance Crew, Kai-Zen
  • VJs, Tsubasa and Dynamo
Meanwhile there will also be local (Pinoy) artists at the event.  Here are they:
  • Dj Ace Ramos
  • Deuce Manila
  • Curse and Bless
  • MC Sam Rhansum
  • Philippine All Stars
What to expect at Tokyo EDM Invasion 2014?

  • Modern Geisha's welcoming you to this all out Tokyo Invasion! 
  • A Geisha House as your SVIP Area, with Unlimited drinks and Sushi Platters for everyone. 
  • The Neon Strip Lounge as your VIP area that showcases downtown Tokyo with drinks and Sushi Platters for everyone.
  • One of the best Taiko Drummers in Tokyo, Makoto Yamamoto, to add more BASS to your Club Music! A mixture of traditional Japanese Culture, with a modern way to party! 
  • One of the most sought after choreographers / dancers, Kai-zen Crew, giving you Ninjitsu Technique showcased in their dance moves!
  • 2 VJs to rock your visual experience & take you out of this world! 
  • It's an ALL JAPANESE clubbing experience like no other! EDM at it's finest.
So get ready and be part of TOKYO EDM INVASION 2014 on August 2 at the SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia.  Remember that this fun party is only open to ages 18 years old and above.  Do visit and like their Facebook page.

You can win tickets to the TOKYO EDM INVASION 2014 via www.narutocosplayers.com and Ranneveryday.

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