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Bela Padilla talks about cosplays at malls and jumping at an escalator

GMA 7 artist Bela Padilla was suddenly at the receiving end of commentaries from cosplayers and the Otaku community as she tweeted, "Maybe it's not good idea to have cosplay events in malls.  I saw a sword in my peripheral vision and I almost jumped off the escalator."  The said tweet was later on deleted and she then promoted her show on June 19 entitled Day off were she cosplayed, "human barbie doll," that is according to her.

After receiving some replies and commentaries, including a tweet from yours truly, Bela managed to make a bunch of conversations which does not add up to what she said in the beginning.

"I just complimented a cosplayers costume and dised a mall, read better next time," one of her reply tweets said.  If the post was not deleted and we will read it correctly this seems to be not very accurate.  

Paraphrasing the tweet means:
  • She saw a cosplayer with a sword and was surprised.
  • Since she has a "phobia" of swords according to her own tweet, she over reacted and posted the tweet.
  • "Maybe it's not good idea to have cosplay events in malls," is not dishing the mall nor complimenting a cosplayer but rather it means "If I were the mall manager it is better not to have cosplays at malls."
She even said that this tweet was intended as a message to malls.  You be the judge if it indeed serves such an intention.

Another tweet reads, "Should have given you guys a secluded area for your event. No hate intended. #peace."  Does she mean cosplayers can't leave the event area to eat or even buy something in the mall?  Or does she mean they should remove their costume before roaming around in other areas of the mall?

Here are screenshots of the series of tweets regarding the #cosplaysword :)

Later on, @padillabela would post a photo on Tweeter with her in costume and promoting a show to be aired on Saturday, July 19.  Was the tweet intended to catch the attention of the cosplay community and serves as a marketing ploy? Looks like it to me.

No pun and no hate intended as well for Ms. Bela Padilla but her argument on this issue does not connect at all.  She should understand that by her own tweet some people would really feel insulted thus they would react negatively.  Instead of apologizing, @padillabela was also on the offensive judging from her tweets.

What do you think of this issue?

As for me a simple apology would do since it is not really responsible to say a thing like that and there are people that was offended seriously.  It might be her own opinion but she is an artist that is also well respected by many.  If she does not want to apologize then life goes on as well.  It's just her opinion any way, well, nobody cares.

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