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Cosplay Fashion Run, Not Your Usual Cosplay

Cosplay Fashion Run wants to give cosplayers and everyone a feel of a one of a kind event where a new experience will surely be created.  From P499, the organizers decided to give a general admission with a P149 pass to everyone.  This lowered pass excludes the singlet.

If you want to avail of the singlet and other special items then you should get the P499 pass.  P499, seems to be so much for a cosplay event and general reactions from cosplayers would definitely bee, “that’s too expensive.”  Most of us are accustomed to joining conventions situated in malls where there are general entrance fee ranging from P100 for general admission to as high as 1,500 pesos for VIP tickets.  You get to see booths, buy items, get to know cosplay celebrities and more.  Did you know however that a P499 registration fee for a fun run is in fact very affordable?  COSPLAY FASHION RUN 2014 is an attempt to diversify a cosplay event which is worth supporting and joining.

Cosplay Fashion Run organizers, Great Events said that the fee already includes a singlet plus some freebie items from sponsors of the event.  Attendees can also join the Amazing Cosplay Fashion Runway and Ultimate Cosplay Party to be conducted at the same day.

You will get a chance to party with DJ Superman and his custom EDM and dance to the rhythm of known Otaku bands.  Famous singer, model and international Wushu astist Janice Hung will also be there to present her newest single Cruel, also do a personal meet, and greet.

Listen to custom anime EDMs from DJ Superman, a former game master and now a businessman and is also known for his famous EDMs

Get to meet and know more about Janice Hung, a beauty with a heart.
This first ever cosplay fun run for the benefit of St. Leonards and Mary’s Foundation will be happening on August 23, 2014 at the Amoranto Stadium.  Families, high school and college students, call center agents, social media followers and running enthusiasts are also invited to attend.

Although cosplayers are highly welcome on this event, this is more than just an event for cosplayers since it is a fun run open to the general public.  Being in costume is highly encouraged however if you do not want to wear a costume just use the singlet for the event.

Another worth participating is the Cosplay Fashion Runway.  The organzers has yet to publish the mechanics for it but by just the sound of it seems to be very exciting.

Cosplay Fashion Run is co-presented by Naruto Cosplayers Philippines (NCPH) together with Anime Cosplay Colors PH as official group partner.  Media partners includes :  Hero TV, Inquirer.net, My Channel Now, Wheninmanila.com, Activshow, DZDD, DZME, RMN DZXL, Otaku Asia Anime Magazine, Anime PH, The Cosplay and Anime Café, Filipino Cosplay Scene (FiCS) Magazine, Anime Forever and Forezine Digital Anime Magazine, JereraldUy.com, Otakuplay, Ranneveryday, That Hikikomori Guy, and The Products Blog.

If you are a company who wants to really be part of something new then this event will be something worth considering and supporting.

For more information you can check out the Cosplay Fashion Run Community Page at www.facebook.com/cfr2014 and follow the hashtag #CosplayFashionRun

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